October 2010
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210-Pound Watermelon Grown by Eva’s Billy Roberts Shatters State Record


That’s one big melon! It’s a certified state record winner as a matter of fact. Billy Roberts of Eva grew this 210-pound Carolina Cross watermelon this summer, shattering the previous state record of 195 pounds. Roberts didn’t really intend to beat the state record when he planted the melon on May 13, 2010; he was actually just hoping to beat his own personal best of 170 pounds. Roberts not only had this 210-pounder, but he actually grew another 200-pound watermelon this summer as well. What’s his secret? He said he used the Super Rainbow fertilizer which he purchased at Morgan Farmers Co-op in Hartselle. Roberts is buddies with the employees there. Next year, that same friendly staff will probably help him pass his current record-holder. All of Eva should be enjoying a nice juicy slice of Robert’s gigantic melon. Pictured are (from left) Phil Phillips, general manager of Morgan Farmers Co-op; Caleb Vest, employee; Ricky Garner, manager of Morgan Farmers Co-op in Hartselle; and Juanita Duffey, secretary.