October 2010
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Johnston Mill Spreading the Word About Peanut Butter


Johnston Mill in Brundidge was “one” of the earliest commercial peanut butter mills south of the Mason-Dixon Line when it opened in 1928. Today, it is home to Johnston Mill General Store and Museum. It is recognized as a historic building and is the site of the Peanut Butter Festival and other local events.

The sleepy, little town of Brundidge would like to lay claim to having the first commercial peanut butter mill in the Southeast — but it can’t.

Maybe it could if an eager beaver inmate from a local minimum security prison hadn’t gotten happy with the paint brush and slapped a heavy helping of enamel paint over the date 1928 penciled on the wood door frame of the building where peanut butter was being made in a crude machine and shipped out in pickup trucks.


It is a well-known fact the first commercially-made peanut butter was made in the Midwest as a protein substitute for those who didn’t have teeth.