March 2013
The Herb Farm

Attitude is Everything!


These strawberry plants produce hundreds of fruits each year.

About one year ago, March 17 to be exact, I experienced a life-changing episode that scared me so badly I nearly lost all faith in life. For some odd reason, I had a seizure. When you feel you have been living right and eating the proper foods, and then you have something like that happen, it can shake you up. It did me and that’s for sure!

While I was road-testing new doctors and trying to learn to trust them again, I kept hearing the same comments from my friends who would stop by the house. They would ask me about my herb and vegetable gardens. "What kind of new and exciting peppers are you growing, Herb?" Or, "Did you plant those basil seeds I gave you last year?"

Well, long about June, I started feeling guilty because I felt as if I had let them down. I knew I had let myself down, because the farm was beginning to look ratty and unkempt. I had not planted half of the seeds I usually plant. I wasn’t sharing plants or cuttings and I certainly didn’t have the usual veggies to offer my friends and neighbors. It seemed as if I had lost all interest in the one part of life that meant so much to me and that is gardening.

By mid-summer, I started feeling much better, but I was still spending a lot of time searching for new herbal dietary supplements and alternative ways of life.

It wasn’t until autumn that I realized that I had blown most of my year and there wasn’t going to be much fruit or vegetables to can or freeze. After bragging, in a previous article, about how doing that was a sure way to save money on your grocery bill and you’ll know where your food came from, I felt a bit let down.

All through this winter, I kept track of my produce bills from the farmers markets and grocery stores. I have to tell you, it sure is disheartening to have to open a tin can of potatoes or tomatoes instead of opening a quart Mason jar. Additionally frustrating was and is having to do without red, yellow or orange bell peppers for roasting or sauces, because they are nearly $3 each!

None of those things I have enjoyed and counted on over the years happened because I had a bad attitude. Moreover, the fact I did not make my garden what it should be just synergized the situation!

The gluten-free tortilla slider, a very hardy and tasty handheld meal.


That is changed now. I am stoked about the farm again! I feel, with the help of Mother Nature, this year will be the best year ever here at the Herb Farm! There will be a full freezer and all of the shelves in the pantry will be full of jars of fruits and vegetables. I am even counting on being able to share more with my neighbors this year than I have in the past.

Oh, I am certain I will make a trip or two to the big farmers market up in Birmingham to pick up boxes of peaches or a couple hundred pounds of sauce tomatoes, but the garden here is already producing salad greens and the strawberry plants are loaded with blossoms and green berries!

Yes, sir! I am pumped up and excited about this year’s garden and you should be, too! Save some money on your grocery bill by planting your own vegetable patch, or interplant your veggie plants with your flowers and shrubbery.

It will make you feel good to grow your own food. It’ll change your life and attitude about everything.

Remember. Attitude is everything!

Spring arrives on March 20. Happy Vernal Equinox, everybody!


Giant Garnet mustard leaves are cut into ribbons and wilted with the sautéed scallions and baby portabella mushrooms to go on the slider.

Here’s the recipe that I promised last month.

Gluten-free Mustard Green Tortilla Sliders for Two

½ cup scallions, chopped
4 small fresh mushrooms, sliced
3 medium to large fresh mustard leaves, ribbon cut
½ pound ground round (2 patties)
Cheddar cheese, enough for 4 sliders
4 6" corn tortillas

Sauté scallions and mushrooms. Add mustard greens and sweat until wilted. Cook beef patties and cut each one in half to make half-moon-shaped patties. Place cheese on tortillas and toast until cheese melts. Fold tortillas in half like a taco. Put half patties and sautéed veggies on each tortilla and serve with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise. Enjoy!

We’ll have another recipe in April.

Until then watch your salt and sugar, drink plenty of pure water and breathe!

Thanks for reading!

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As always, check with an expert, like your doctor, before using any herbal remedy.