September 2010
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Alabama Couples Attend 2010 Conference to Learn How Cooperatives Affect Their Lives

There were 25 young couples sponsored to the 2010 Alabama Co-op Couples Conference, a three-day conference where participants had an opportunity to learn how cooperatives affect their everyday life. The conference was hosted by the Alabama Council of Cooperatives. The 35th annual conference was held at the Hilton Beachfront Garden Inn in Orange Beach. The six couples pictured were sponsored by their local Quality Co-op. Other sponsors included AgFirst Farm Credit, First South Farm Credit, Alabama Ag Credit, Alabama Farm Credit, CoBank, Alabama Rural Electric Cooperatives, PowerSouth Energy Cooperative and Tennessee Valley Authority.

Heath and Sally Rae Darnell of Hillsboro were selected from the 2009 Couples Conference to return as a host couple. They were sponsored in 2009 by Lawrence County Exchange.


Kevin and Hailey Clark of Tyler were sponsored by Central Alabama Farmers Cooperative.


Jonathan and Jenna Fanning of Gurley were sponsored by Madison County Cooperative.


Brad and Tammy Jordan of Excel were sponsored by Farmers Cooperative Market.


Steven and Karen Kemble of Nauvoo were sponsored by Walker Farmers Cooperative.


David and Miranda Richardson of Leroy were sponsored by Farmers Cooperative Market.