May 2010
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Bonnie Plants Partners With P. Allen Smith to Promote 3rd Grade Cabbage Program

Bonnie Plants has partnered with gardening and lifestyle expert P. Allen Smith to promote the grower’s 3rd Grade Cabbage Program. The nine-year program has introduced 1.2 million children to gardening with a free Bonnie cabbage plant, growing instructions and the chance for one student in each state to win $1,000. The annual program aims to inspire a love of gardening among school children and to help them develop an interest in nature and the outdoors.

Cabbages are delivered to the students whose teachers have signed up to participate. Students in these classrooms each get their own cabbage to plant, take care of and harvest. The cabbages produce oversized heads, weighing 40 lbs. or more, in about 12 weeks.

"I love the idea of adding the joys and educational components of gardening to the classroom experience," Smith said. "The hope is that we can foster future gardeners, help them understand where their food comes from and enjoy the benefits of connecting with nature."