May 2010
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Blount Co. Farm Home Is Being Built to Last


Bill Sievers displays some of the massive 350 lb. blocks used in building his new home. The 12 x 20 x 30-inch blocks, crafted by Dac-Art, are made of architectural concrete to resemble European limestone.

And to be Safe, Energy Efficient, Maintenance-Free and Easy-to-Clean

"I’m coming back in 500 years and checking on it," Bill Sievers joked about the house he and his wife Wanda are building on 55 acres in Blount County.

While that may sound fanciful, the two-story crowning glory at Hill View Farm IS being built to be not only durable, and as safe and energy efficient as possible, but to be almost completely maintenance free and easy to keep clean as possible!

"I read the book ‘Make Your House do the Housework’ by Don and Laura Aslett and I incorporated many of their ideas here as well," Wanda explained.