November 2009
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Hay Farmer

Well, here it is that time of year, again.
Rounding up all of my hay equipment, my friend.
Greasing every fitting from bottom to top.
Because, when the hay is ready, I can’t afford to stop.
When the hay gets about waist high,
It’s ready to be cut, that I cannot lie.
Cut all day and on into the night,
Because you have to cut the hay when it’s right.
Asking God for some dry weather,
So the hay will dry as light as a feather.
Wet hay makes it hard to sell a little bit.
Unless, it’s used for mulching in a strip pit.
Because the mulching hay has gotten the price so high,
Good feed hay is getting hard to buy.
But, the poor farmer needs everything he can get.
What would we all do if the farmers were to all quit?
Right now the farmers are barely getting by.
But, if they quit, then hay would go sky high.
With the price of fuel and parts that we have to pay,
I know, at the end of the day, the farmer has to pray.
“Lord, help me through one more year.
“This hay cutting is getting something I fear.
“But, Lord, I know You are here for me,
“And it’s the way it will always be.”

Sam Colburn is a member of Walker Farmers Co-op in Jasper.