June 2009
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Bonnie Plants Cabbage Program Helps Katie’s Dream Come True


Katie Stagliano’s cabbage grew to be 40 pounds! She donated it to the Tri County Family Ministries to help feed the hungry.

This story begins with Bonnie Plants, the largest producer of vegetable and herb plants in the nation. Bonnie is a huge player in the gardening industry. They have 61 growing stations around the U.S. and are available at "big box" stores nationwide and in 3,700 independent stores.

Bonnie is more than just a plant company. Their "Cabbage Program" is a nine-year-old endeavor—Bonnie delivers O.S. Cabbage plants to third grade school children, in an effort to engage them in the benefits and joys of gardening. Some of the cabbages they deliver to school children grow to more than 40 pounds, seemingly bigger than the children themselves.