April 2009
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Learning While Having Fun at Elmore Co. Sheep & Goat Expo


Gracie Anna Green, 5, of Roanoke and her doe, Sweetie Pie, won first place in the youngest costume class in matching outfits made by Gracie Anna’s mother, Wendy.


While cool spring showers fell on the metal roof of the Elmore County Farm Center on Saturday, March 14, 2009, the sounds of bleating goats and sheep mingled with delighted squeals of children’s laughter at the Elmore County Farmers Federation Sheep and Goat Expo.

And besides the sheer joy spreading over the faces of young boys and girls holding and petting small animals, older heads nodded as experts offered answers and advice to a range of experienced sheep and goat owners as well as those newly interested in these animals.

"We’ve never been to anything like this before, so we didn’t know what to expect," said 11-year-old Zac Hay of Alexander City, as he held a young kid in his arms. The tiny goat was so playful and comfortable with the excited children, its demeanor more closely resembled that of a puppy than any type of livestock.

"We used to have a goat, and we want to get some more," said Zac’s younger brother, Hunter; and the two boys couldn’t have been more pleased with the small bundles of brown and white running around them in the barn area.