January 2011
Feeding Facts

Feeding Facts

The Feed Department at Alabama Farmers Cooperative (AFC) is continually looking for ways to differentiate ourselves from other feed companies in the market place. While we are always looking for ways to stay on the cutting edge of new technology in the feed industry, we do so with our eye on the end user of our feeds. While we want to provide the producer with new technology, we want to ensure the technology is research proven, cost effective and will provide the very best in nutrition to help his animals reach their full genetic potential.

With these goals in mind, we are proud to introduce an improved beef feed line we believe will benefit all producers who utilize these feeds. You may have noticed, or you will notice in the near future, our beef feed will now carry the name Formax™. We hope the Formax name will give recognition to Co-op feed no matter where in Alabama you reside. The following beef feeds will be in new bags and will fall under the Formax™ name: 13% with Bovatec®, T.P Cattle Ration, Bull & Steer Feed, Performance Beef, Fitters Choice Concentrate, Calf Starter, Calf Creep and AFC Preconditioning Pellets.

In addition to new bags and a new name, all Formax™ feeds will contain two additional ingredients research-proven to be very beneficial in beef feeds. The feeds will contain Mintrex® and GHP2®, both products being trademarked by Novus® International, Inc.

Novus® International is a world-wide company based in Saint Louis, MO, specializing in micro ingredients for the poultry and cattle industry. Novus® International employs over 50 nutritionists, biologists, chemists and veterinarians. They currently have over 30 patents for products and conduct over 150 animal research trials per year around the world. Over 30 U.S. universities have collaborated with Novus® in such areas of research as immune challenges, heat stress, food safety, feed quality and nutritional strategies. Novus® International prides itself on differentiating their products and company with the science to understand how and why their products deliver value. This goal directly reflects our goal of not always delivering the cheapest feed but delivering our producers the greatest value in feed.

The addition of Mintrex® in all feeds will provide a chelated trace mineral source to your cattle. The benefits of chelated minerals are an increase in absorption in the small intestines. The chelation process protects the mineral allowing for absorption to occur throughout the small intestines. This process also reduces the minerals being affected by antagonistic compounds which renders the inorganic mineral unavailable for absorption. Mintrex® combines chelated trace minerals and organic selenium in a highly bioavailable source of trace minerals protected by Alimet® feed supplement. The addition of Mintrex® is proven to improve reproductive performance, improve immunity and increase the integrity of the hoof, mammary gland, gut and skin.

The addition of Alimet® will provide an effective source of methionine proven to improve weight gain in heifers and steers, and increase milk production and optimizing butterfat and milk protein yield. This improvement in milk should have a direct impact on improved weaning weights of calves.

All Formax™ feeds will also contain GHP2®, a proprietary blend of products designed to provide the animal with nutrition to address the challenges they face and improve the overall profitability of the business. GHP2® is formulated with mannanoligosacharides and beta-glucans in a high-quality yeast cell wall product that has been shown to support a healthy immune system, prevent pathogenic bacteria from colonizing and decrease the effects of mycotoxin challenges. GHP2® will support gut health, a healthy immune system, aid in pathogen inhibition, reduces environmental stresses from extreme temperature and humidity, and will help the animal deal with challenges from feedstuffs containing molds and mycotoxins. The addition of GHP2® to feed will result in optimal digestibility and feed efficiency, as well as a strong immune system during times of stress.

Another benefit to Formax™ feeds will be the addition of steam flaked corn. We will include steam flaked corn in textured Formax™ feeds this spring. The addition, steam flaked corn will increase the digestibility of the corn, thus improving feed efficiency, growth and performance of Formax™ feeds.

We at AFC are very excited about Formax™ beef feeds. We believe the addition of Mintrex®, GHP2® and steam flaked corn in these feeds will set us apart from all other feeds available in Alabama. We look forward to providing this feed to you and look forward to the future success of this new line of feed.

If you have any questions about Formax™ feeds, GHP2®, Mintrex® or other nutritional related questions, please feel free to contact me at (256) 947-7886 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Jimmy Hughes is AFC’s animal nutritionist.