June 2009
Feeding Facts

Feeding Facts

It’s hard to believe the year is about half over, and we are in the process of finishing up with what I hope was a very productive first hay cutting. Lower fertilizer cost and an optimistic future cattle market gives those of us in the cattle business reason to be positive this summer and fall. Alabama Farmers Cooperative’s (AFC) Feed Department has introduced three new products for you to implement into your operation this summer and I would like to take this opportunity to introduce those products.

The first two products are part of our low moisture product line of STIMU-LYX®. For those of you who are not familiar with STIMU-LYX® Low Moisture Blocks, I will provide you with some background information. The low-moisture process was developed over 30 years ago to offer livestock owners a superior supplementation product for cattle grazing standing or harvested forages. This process removes over 96 percent of the moisture from the product, leaving the producer with 100 percent nutrition. It is highly palatable utilizing the highest quality ingredients to provide protein and energy along with minerals, vitamins and improved fiber digestion. All STIMU-LYX® products come in a 200-pound, non-returnable plastic tub and are proven to be highly-palatable, controlled-intake and low in cost on a per-head per-day basis.

STIMU-LYX® Fly Relief/IGR is designed for cattle to not only provide protein, minerals and vitamins but also to provide S-methoprene insect growth regulator (IGR) for control of horn flies. The economic impact flies have on the cattle industry each year is in the billions of dollars; therefore it is very important to utilize any method possible to help reduce fly pressure in your herd. S-methoprene IGR fed continuously through the horn fly season will help prevent horn fly emergence from manure of treated cattle. The fact the product works is based upon it being passed through the cow and into the manure leading to another huge advantage of using STIMU-LYX® Fly Relief Tubs. Research has shown over 90 percent of cattle will consume daily from a low-moisture block while less than 60 percent of cattle will consume dry minerals. The higher the number of cows consuming the product, the more effective it will be in reducing the fly population. This product also contains 19 percent protein, five percent fat and the optimum level of minerals and vitamins to meet the cow’s daily requirements. While most producers do not supplement grass, let me encourage you to also consider this block as a way to improve the nutritional plane of your cattle as grass matures in the summer and fall heat. This product will pick up where forage stops and will also encourage cattle to eat mature forage they normally would ignore.

STIMU-LYX® Mineralizer Tub is another new product. This tub is designed for producers who want to provide a highly-palatable mineral and vitamin supplement to their cattle during the spring, summer and early fall. It is highly palatable; cattle will visit and consume the product on a daily basis. Research has proven how important minerals and vitamins are for reproduction, immunity and overall performance. The consumption of this product should average eight ounces per day making it a low cost mineral and vitamin supplement. It also contains added protein to help meet the requirements of cattle as forages mature. Through the use of this product, your cattle should see improved reproductive performance, better body condition and improved health.

The final product we have recently introduced ties in directly with last month’s article on deer nutrition. AFC is very pleased to offer Antler King Deer Feed through your local Co-op. Antler King’s reputation in the deer supplement business is second to none and we are very pleased to be affiliated with them in providing the highest quality nutritional supplement for those who want to supplement deer for improved antler development and growth. Antler King is an 18 percent protein product containing ingredients like sunflower meal, corn, soybean meal and alfalfa. This feed contains high levels of calcium, phosphorus and zinc for optimum antler growth. In addition, it contains yeast for fiber utilization and chelated minerals for increased absorption and utilization of trace minerals. While the use of this product will not guarantee you a buck for the wall, it will offer a better opportunity to find a buck able to meet its full genetic potential because of adequate nutrition.

I hope one or all of these products can meet some of the nutritional needs of your animals. We feel each of them offer numerous benefits at a cost that is reasonable for the performance of the product. We continually look and research new products we think can be of benefit to producers in this state.

If we can help you in any manner, or if there is a product you would like for us to consider, please feel free to contact me.

Jimmy Hughes is AFC’s animal nutritionist. If you would like to contact him, please feel free to call at (256) 9477-7886 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I look forward to hearing from you or visiting with you in the future.