June 2008
Feeding Facts

Feeding Facts

By Jimmy Hughes

A statement by David Riggs, director of AFC’s Feed Department: Alabama Farmers Cooperative (AFC) takes great pride in assuring producers who shop any of our member stores that we are making every effort to provide the very best products at a reasonable cost. We in AFC’s Feed Department hope you will continue to put your trust in us as we look for products that exceed the standards for performance at the reasonable cost you have come to expect from us.

Over the last 15 years we have worked diligently to help introduce and sell low-moisture tubs in Alabama. We believe, then as we do now, low-moisture tubs, along with adequate forage, offer brood cow producers the very best in nutrition at the most economical cost on a per head per day basis.

We have enjoyed working with Ridley Block and want to thank them for all their support and for all of the great relationships that have been formed. With the economic challenges lying before us, AFC’s Feed Department has made a hard but conscientious decision to drop the Crystalyx low-moisture tubs and introduce our own Quality Co-op Low-Moisture Tubs. Through alliances formed with CPC Commodities and Kent Feeds in Kentucky, we are launching our new line of low-moisture tubs. As we move closer to our feeding season, you will be hearing more about these new products through AFC Cooperative Farming News. We also have planned fall producer meetings to show our product lines. We hope you will join in our excitement as we move forward together to offer you new and improved low-moisture tubs and we always appreciate your support of AFC’s Feed Department.

We have looked at university research trials showing consistent intake of a highly palatable, nutrient-fortified, low-moisture supplement block would lead to greater forage utilization, improved body condition, more efficient grazing patterns, increased reproductive and growth performance at a low cost per-head-per day of less than 30 cents per head. We still believe low-moisture supplement tubs will continue to offer cattle producers these same benefits.

What has changed in this market is the increase of companies who produce these high-quality blocks that meet or exceed the standards we have set for product quality and performance. AFC is often presented with opportunities to consider other products, and we feel it is our responsibility to the producer to consider new products offering expected performance at a more economical cost. With that said, AFC has decided we will no longer be the distributor of Crystalyx Supplement Tubs in Alabama. While we still enjoy an outstanding relationship with Ridley Block Company, the manufacturers of Crystalyx, AFC
has decided to go in a different direction to provide another high-quality, low-moisture supplement tub. We believe these economic and marketing decisions will led us into new horizons.

With this in mind, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce upcoming changes in our product line. STIMU-LYX Low-Moisture Supplement Tubs will be offered to you this fall as your supplement choice. We have taken great care in making sure this product will meet your demands for quality, consistency and nutrition at a cost that will add more dollars to your pocket at the end of the feeding year. STIMU-LYX will come in a heavy-duty, durable plastic tub that will not have to be returned when emptied. It will be formulated to meet or exceed the nutritional needs of cattle in the Southeast. STIMU-LYX will be formulated using only the highest quality ingredients to assure a high quality block every time it is rolled into your pasture. Moisture percent of less than four percent will also give you the peace of mind that your cattle will not over-consume the product, assuring consistent day-to-day intake. The molasses-based tub is very palatable and has been shown to be readily accepted by cattle in Alabama.

Looking at the nutrient composition of STIMU-LYX will again show the great care we have taken in promoting a low-moisture tub fortified like none other in the marketplace today. Special attention was given to assure the producer these tubs were developed to meet the nutritional needs of livestock grazing and consuming Southeastern forages.

Finally, we believe you will benefit from the utilization of this superior low-moisture product at a lower cost during these trying economical times.

STIMU-LYX Tubs will come in a wide variety of formulations to meet most all feeding situations for your cattle, horses, goats and sheep. These products will continue to be available to all of your livestock 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I can also assure you STIMU-LYX Tubs have been tested on cattle farms throughout Alabama and, through these extensive tests, it has exceeded our expectations for consistency, palatability, performance and controlled intake.

We look forward to you seeing the great benefits we have already experienced while testing this product. We hope to see you at a producer meeting this fall as we continue to introduce these high-quality products in Alabama. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at 256-947-7886 or jimmyh@ alafarm.com.

We again thank you for your past support of Crystalyx Supplement Tubs and we look forward to your continued support as we climb new horizons in the low-moisture tub market.

Jimmy Hughes is AFC’s animal nutritionist.