March 2009
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Looking for Time Well Spent in March

Episode 19: Saturday and Sunday, March 7 & 8

Jim goes to Summerdale in Baldwin County and visits with Wes Moore, owner of Alligator Alley. This show will get you up-close and personal with some of the biggest of over 150 gators roaming there.

Grace takes us to the West Alabama town of Camden where many young people spent last summer developing a talent for artwork while learning a deeper appreciation for the artists of the Blackbelt area.

Chuck and fisheries biologist, Kevin Rhoades, discuss the benefits of using lime to improve the productivity of a farm pond.

Episode 20: Saturday and Sunday, March 14 & 15

Jim goes to a farm outside of Shorter to find out just how much work and time Sam Mitchell puts into making an heirloom saddle.

Grace will introduce us to Mississippi State freshman Josh Maples whose work on his family farm in Elkmont has not only helped develop a successful farming operation but has also helped develop his character of hard work and dedication.

Chuck and Jody Pagan, chief biologist for 5 Oaks Wildlife Services, discuss the importance of Green Tree Reservoirs in waterfowl management.

 Episode 21: Saturday and Sunday, March 21 & 22

Jim travels to Limestone County to visit Belle Chévre cheese creamery and discusses with owner, Tasia Malakasis, her passion for the nationally-recognized goat cheese produced there.

Traveling to the East Alabama town of Beulah, Grace will visit with former FFA member Colton Sykes whose work in Forestry and Wildlife Science has given him national recognition and a desire for hard work.

Chuck explains the importance Green Tree Reservoirs play in overall waterfowl management.

Episode 22: Saturday and Sunday, March 28 & 29

Jim goes to Greene County to meet with Jim Bird, a man whose hay bale artwork has fascinated motorist driving along U.S. Hwy 43 for nearly 20 years.

Grace takes us to Gadsden to visit with up-and-coming country music sensation Laura Dodd, who shares with us her rise to fame and stardom.

Chuck travels to Central Georgia to meet with Buford Sanders of the Georgia Forestry Commission to discuss the benefits of prescribed burning and witness demonstrations of several burning techniques.