March 2009
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Co-op Employees Honored for Years of Service at Annual Meeting

Co-op employees were honored for their years of service at the 72nd annual meeting for Alabama Farmers Cooperative in February. All awards were presented by Lawrence Smith, Chairman of AFC’s Board.

  35 Years

Doris Middlebrooks (right), AFC Grain Department, received her 35 years service award from Lawrence Smith, Chairman of AFC’s Board, at AFC’s 72nd annual board meeting.

(no Photo)

Dennis Thomas, Bonnie Plants 


  30 Years


Wayne Ward, right, Pike Farmers Co-op

  Johnny Lott, right, Bonnie Plants



  Mike Gilmer, right, Bonnie Plants

  John Gamble, right, AFC Grain Division


Mitchell Cooper, right, AFC Management Services


20 Years


Russell Gibbs, right, Central Alabama Farmers Co-op

Cindy Potts, right, AFC Main Office


Beth Turner, right, AFC Computer Services


15 Years


Stacy Dawson, right, AFC Feed Farm & Home Division

  Larry Murphy, right, Lauderdale County Co-op


                (no photo)

    Joe Stuart, Bonnie Plants

    Tina Terry, right, AFC Main Office


10 Years


  Elton Gibson, right, Aliceville Farm Supply

Thomas Thomas, right, Calhoun Farmers Co-op


5 Years


Ronnie Neely, left, Dekalb Farmers Co-op

David Riggs, right, AFC Feed, Farm & Home Division


Glenn Smith, right, AFC Grain Division