November 2008
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Alabama Farmers Cooperative-Sponsored Couples Learn True Meaning of Cooperatives at Conference

The Alabama Council of Cooperatives had its Annual Cooperative Couples Conference at the Hilton Garden Inn in Orange Beach this past summer. Couples learned about the true meaning of a cooperative, why they were organized, the importance of co-ops and why we still need them in our lives today. Every year friendships are forged and business relationships are created at the conference that last a lifetime. This year Quality Co-ops from around the state sponsored seven couples.

Joshua & Michelle Boykin,
sponsored by Choctaw Farmers Cooperative

Dustin & Andrea Frachisear,
sponsored by Marshall Farmers Cooperative

Brian & Veronica Keith,
sponsored by Cullman Farmers Cooperative

Clay & Melinda Loveday,
sponsored by Madison County Cooperative

Steve & Teresa Henson,
sponsored by Walker Farmers Cooperative

Brandon & Lana Tew,
sponsored by Mid-State Farmers Cooperative

Jeremy and Stephanie Wilson,
sponsored by Talladega County Exchange