September 2008
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Bonnie Wins Wal-Mart Sustainability Award
Dennis Thomas, general manager of Bonnie Plants, was congratulated by actress Cameron Diaz upon accepting the Wal-Mart Sustainability Award.

Bonnie Plants was selected as one of four winners of the Wal-Mart Sustainability Award at a ceremony in Bentonville, AK, on the 16th of July. The award was accepted on behalf of Bonnie by Dennis Thomas, general manager of Bonnie Plants, and presented by Cameron Diaz  who is known for her views on going greener.

Bonnie won first place for selling the greatest number of environmentally friendly items during Earth Week. Bonnie entered their bio-degradable peat cup in the contest and was the only plant company invited to the ceremony.

When accepting the award from Cameron, Thomas said, ”This is a tough job, but someone has to do it.”