February 2013
Farm Fresh Memories

And -- He Sang “Amazin’ Grace” A Capella …Wow, I Sure do wish I could!!!

It was Wednesday night, the final night of spring revival down to the Flat Rock Baptist Church. Bro. Les Devlin, Bro.’s evangelist preacher friend from over to Atlanta, had just completed altar call for the final meetin’ service of the revival.

Here Bro. took the floor and thanked Bro. Les for his evangelical near-hell fire and brimstone-type revival preachin’ and his family for three nights (Sunday-Tuesday) of Bible scripture-type hymnal music singin’. Bro. followed with a "love offerin’" from the church congregation for Bro. Les and his family. Then Bro. asked Willerdean, the church secretary, to give a results-type summarization of the spring revival services. Willerdean offered there was a total of eight converts, 23 personal revisions and five individuals professed for Sunday baptism and the "love offerin’" totaled $854.35 for the four nights.

Next Estelle stood and expressed a personal "Thank You" to the music man himself Mr. Harley Hood and friends for the Wednesday night hymnal-praise musical presentations and offered $100 of the "love offerin’" was for them. Essex stood and proclaimed with humbled excitement, "And he sang ‘Amazin’ Grace,’ a capella alone … Wow, I sure do wish I could!!!" The widow Cora, Ms. Ida and several other revival-comers were standin’, still doin’ word and hand-wavin’ praise.

Here Bro. stepped back center front and called for Farlow to give the final benediction prayer followin’ one more a capella altar call verse of "Amazin’ Grace" by Mr. Harley Hood, as all the other congregationers stood. Soonly, followin’ Farlow’s prayer, the congregationers begin to offer goodbye howdyies t’ward Bro. Les Devlin and family, as others directed praise for Mr. Harley Hood’s "Amazin’ Grace" a capella hymnal-revival praise musical song. More Flat Rock folk howdyied with Bro. and begin to disassemble t’ward home and the Wednesday 10 p.m. TV nightly news and weather.

Lynn and I settled in the pickup and directed ourselves pure-arrow west facin’ Mississippi and home to Potter’s Mud Creek Farm.

Durin’ our ride home, I commenst to thinkin’ on my growin’ up years at Old Bethel Baptist Church. The pure-hell fire and brimstone preachin’, folk doin’ word and hand-wavin’ praise testimonials, spring and summer revivals, and my favorite hymnal musical praise songs like …

My very favorite was/still is "Just A Little Talk with Jesus." Mr. Harley Hood quite possible just tonight changed that with his hymnal praise song "Amazin’ Grace." Like Essex, "Wow, I sure do wish I could." "Blessed Assurance Jesus Is Mine," "Jesus Loves Me," "Just a Rose Will Do," "The Old Gospel Ship," "In the Garden (He Walks with Me)," "Sweet By and By," "Sweet Sweet Spirit," "Softly and Tenderly" and "Only Trust Him."

Here a deer darted directly in front of the pickup at Mud Creek Bridge. My thoughts quickly shifted away from the final night of spring revival down to the Baptist church and were directed back to my drivin’ duties and our gettin’ home all in one piece.

Now come your spring revival time, schedule permittin’, I am sure Mr. Harley Hood would be proud to offer his hymnal-praise song version of "Amazin’ Grace" a capella. Wow, I sure do wish I could!!!

                                                           REMEMBER YOUR HERITAGE!!!
                                                       ALWAYS, THINK GOOD MEMORIES!!!

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