November 2012
Farm Fresh Memories



It was Wednesday of 10 o’clock in the mornin’ time and there was a crowd of store regulars and other community and area Flat Rock folk hoverin’ close and swappin’ warmth with the old, pot-bellied heater in the rear of The Flat Rock General Store. I maneuvered past Slim leanin’ on the counter, swapped howdies and found myself settin’ on a sack of layer mash alongside Farlow.

Ms. Ida had the floor and was passin’ out sample ballots of the comin’ close 2012 general election, local, state and national. Comments were flyin’ ‘bout the rear of The Store about those havin’ and those wantin’ to have such from county water board to U.S. president.

Ms. Ida commented on the economy and education, and here Bro. took the floor and spoke t’ward morals or the lack of such and the pure fact our U.S. of America was "goin’ to hell in a handbasket." He further noted that a full high percentage of folk had good, carin’ hearts, but it was just so much "pure nassness" being spread amongst and affectin’ us.

Estelle and Farlow both commented ‘bout the basics, small businesses, jobs and just pure down … work, both them ownin’ small, local, income producin’ business. Here, almost with a headin’ thinkin’ twinness, Slim and "Truth" offered "I got a head full of ideas" on politicians, education, economy, military, elderly, term limits and parties.

Here "Truth" allowed Slim first talkin’! A followin’ "Truth" was Dustin, S.R. and even the music man himself Harley Hood offered their expressions. Harley even noted his political experience as president of 4-H, the music club and, believe it or not, the Beta Club.

At this point, there was topical direction changes to football, Thanksgivin’, hopes of winter snow, etc. Some folks started requestin’ lunch-eatin’ sandwiches while others opted t’ward noon day duties and obligations. I headed for my pickup and a one o’clock dentist appointment in Russellville.

While drivin’ in my pick-up t’ward "rustybill," I got to thinkin’ on my ideas of political leadership and of CEO company leadership.

Experienced leadership means:

* Understandin’/knowin’ I am not the smartest person in the room.

* Surroundin’ myself with knowledgeable, smart people.

* Communicate/relate to all levels, be fair.

* Be open to daily learnin’, you are never too old!!!

* Have compassion and feelin’s for other folk.

* Common sense is never first, but it should be!!!

* Leadership means being able to maintain and improve on what got you here, but always be open to new ideas that grow your company.

* Understand your company’s place, grassroots group, value, etc.

* Never bully or force your position on people.

* Be proud of your accomplishments or accept your shortfalls and know when to move on, pass the torch, change directions!!!!

* Attitude is everything. Example: Term limits … no, I expect to serve until I die. My folks don’t know what they need. After all, they keep electin’ me!!!

Bein’ popular, rich (usin’ old family money) or bein’ in the right place at the right time does not mean you’re the smartest or qualifies you as a politician or CEO leader. Recognize your ability or "the lack there of"!!!

Me, I am self-appointed. Turns out I am an activist for agriculture and rural America (my heritage). I am a very proud, simple farm boy, ag man with a head full of ideas and dreams with a story to tell ‘bout agriculture and my rural heritage. I ask God often for time to finish my dreams, make my mark, set my name!!!

Happy Thanksgivin’ --- Go Vote!!!

Remember your heritage!!!
Always, Think Good Memories!!!

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