July 2012
Farm Fresh Memories

My Two Ag Men —- My Heros!!! One Well Worn, The Other at Prime

Joseph Heath Potter: September 3, 1970 – July 7, 2010
Corbett Calvin Potter: August 13, 1923 – July 14, 2010

Atribute to two of the apples of my eye: my first son, Joseph Heath Potter, and my Daddy, “Pop C. C.” Corbett Calvin Potter.

If the cows need hay
When the work is finished and it is time 
to play

If the car is going the right way
How late is late

Where you are and where you want to go
Which way from point “A” to point “B”

What you want to be one day
How to handle obsticles along the way

If the water is deep 
Where to cross the creek

Which horse to ride
What crops to plant

If the hay is dry enough to bale yet
What will be the example you set

Who you will give your heart to one day
When and where to pray

If you are still afraid of the dark
Was there really an ark

I have walked with you, I have held your 

I have taught you much,
Now son, “You decide!!!”

He would ride me on his back for miles, 
when I was just a child.

Was up before daylight
and worked wellinto the night.

He carried me to church
and taught me wrong from right.

He could hit a ball a mile,
and even force me into a smile.

Cooked a great breakfast – “Southern-style.”

He helped me make a bow
with a rat tail vine and string.

He only missed one of my
high school football games.

He taught me how to run,
and bought me my first gun.

He was with me when I shot my first squirrel.

He even smiled when I told him I liked girls.

He taught me to drive a tractor,
car and pick-up truck.

He is completely Southern,
except he hated ice tea.

He taught me work and honesty.

He could back a wagon, run a cotton 
picker, set a plow, even milk a cow.

He encouraged me to go to college to prepare me for now,
and usually gave me what I wanted somehow.

He helped me fly a kite,
set up with me all night.

He taught me to drive a nail,
even how to split a rail.

He would bait my hook so the fish would  bite.

Could site a fence level and straight clear out of sight.

To saddle a horse and how to cinch it up right.

He taught me to pack cotton on the wagon tight,
and never pick a fight.

When I was young, to sleep without a light
and later to always be in before midnight.

That for him not to smoke or drink was right.

To dig potatoes, eat tomatoes,
even shell a bean or two.

To scoop corn, dehorn,
to even build a barn.

To pitch horseshoes,
and even encouraged me when I would lose.

Yes, he taught me to do things right!

Did I tell you he also taught me
to play marbles and fly a kite?

It has been two years. I know God knows best and there is no blame, but I will never understand. The hurt and pain in my heart has lessened, but will never vanish.

Please pray for World Peace and for God to heal our nation, the United States of America.

Remember your heritage!!!
Always, think good memories!!!

Joe Potter, Potter’s Mud Creek Farm is located at 5840 County Road 339 (County Line Road), Russellville, near "Our" Flat Rock, in Lawrence County; email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..