May 2012
Farm Fresh Memories

Boiled, Fried, “Porched,” Scrambled and “Benediction Style” … It's Eatin' Day at the Store — Ya'll Hungry, Then Let's Eat!!!

Talkin’ Eggs at The Flat Rock General Store…

It’s Wednesday of eight in the mornin’ time. There’s a full crowd of store regulars plus lots of community and area Flat Rock folk floatin’ ‘bout The Flat Rock General Store. Here Bro. takes the floor and offers up a short prayer. It’s Eatin’ Day at The Store and the breakfast eatin’ menu is posted along the back wall on white butcher paper in red marker.

Joe’s omelets w/eggs, ham, bacon, onions, cheese, mushrooms and diced tomatoes

Lynn’s hashbrown casserole

Willerdean’s scratch-made buttermilk biscuits w/ butter and homemade pear preserves

Coffee, orange juice and sweet milk

The pure aroma of Southern cookin’ goodness was bein’ delivered straight arrow west and in all variable directions. First, L. O. Bishop showed up to barter with Slim on some Bishop’s Hawg House BBQ. Additional, other Flat Rock friends was assemblin’ in the breakfast eatin’ line — Orland Britnell and John Thorn from up Waco, Wilton Fortenberry from Muscle Shoals, plus my tire man Jim Humphries from cross the Tennessee River in Florence, even the UPS lady and two Sears repairmen were howdyin’ with other gathered folks standin’ in line.

Bro. maneuvered the crowd with a plateful of breakfast vittles and a glass of sweet milk, and found a sack of layer mash for settin’ purposes back by the old, potbellied heater. He re-took the floor at this point and started talkin’ on the pure country wholesomeness of eggs and his favorite bein’ "deviled eggs" up to the Baptist church for Sunday homecomin’ or dinner on the ground. Orland offered at Bro. with a full-mouth grin that he suspected the best place for "deviled eggs" would be in church, I quickly agreed with a "ha ha." Here abruptly Farlow and "Truth" inserted a quick "whoa, wait a minute," then offered with a near-twinness their hearty egg vote was for over-easy breakfast fried eggs, their favorite.

Estelle took the floor and started talkin’ on homemade egg salad sandwiches made from boiled or "porched" eggs and the fact her favorite egg salad was made by Essex’s passed-down recipe. Before us servin’-line folk could get our plates put together, several folks were relined for seconds. Course there’s always plentiful vittles down to The Store. Finally near 9:30, me, Lynn, Farlow and Willerdean set for the eatin’ of our breakfast vittles.

As I enjoyed my eggs plus eatin’ day breakfast, I started thinkin’ on the pure fact my Daddy "Pop" C.C. purely loved "deviled eggs;" Heath loved breakfast hamburger steak and scrambled eggs; me, I loved Daddy’s egg salad sandwiches with fried spam topical. Course there’s the time Dustin went down to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl and he come home talkin’ ‘bout havin’ "benediction-style" eggs at some fancy restaurant.

At this very instant, a heavy rain shower comenst to fallin’ on the old tin top of The Store. Here all those gathered folk begin to scatter like bird shot from an old Winchester double-barreled shotgun, headin’ out t’ward their mid-mornin’ duties and obligations. Most carried some serious full-tummy rubbin’s and hearty "thank yous" for the fine breakfast vittles.

So…Ya’ll Hungry, Then Let’s Eat — eggs boiled, fried, "porched," scrambled or "Benediction Style"!!!

Remember Your Heritage!!!
Always, Think Good Memories!!!

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