January 2012
Farm Fresh Memories



It is Monday of eight in the mornin’ as I collected myself and entered through the old, double-front doors of The Flat Rock General Store.

There’s the pure smell of fresh coffee and wood-burnin’ pine kindlin’ minglin’ together. Slim is doin’ store business from his recliner as I howdied on my way t’ward the rear of The Store. I parked alongside Farlow on a Coke case and howdied to the group of store regulars already hoverin’ close, swappin’ warmth with the old potbellied heater includin’ Ms. Ida, the widow Cora, Bro., Farlow, Willerdean, "Truth," Estelle, S.R., J.R., "Hatch," Dustin and the Music Man himself, Mr. Harley Hood. Course, there’s other community and area Flat Rock folk carrin’ out individual store shoppin’ duties. Others are collectin’ on the latest weekend findin’s, Bro.’s Sunday sermon and who folk thought it was meant for and iffin’ they were present or it had to be delivered second-hand with needed corrections.

The highest topical discussion was the comin’ on sudden of Valentine’s Day and the pure fact Ms. Ida was a sportin’ her newest "Flat Rock Bling" — a high-fancy pair of heart-shaped clip-on earrings as the 2012 winner of The Stores’ "writin’ my feelin’s to my sweetheart contest." Top five winners was hand-writ in red marker on white butcher paper and posted on the rear wall, they included —Ms. Ida, Bro., Harley Hood, Dustin and me personally, Joe Potter.

In addition to Ms. Ida’s "Flat Rock Bling," there were other notions of Valentine’s Day showin’ it’s presence as more "Flat Rock Bling" was bein’ sported by other store folk.

Harley Hood was wearin’ a high-fancy, dinner plate-size, sparklin’ silver belt buckle from his new sweetheart and music singin’ partner Ms. Tammy Cline, Estelle was wearin’ a beautiful silver necklace from the love of her life for over 25 years her man "Truth," even Slim was wearin’ "Flat Rock Bling" — a brand-new Gideon pin on his beautiful red vest.

At this here point, Essex entered with Slim some plated breakfast vittles. As Slim lifted the red-checkered napkin, he exposed some fine-lookin’ breakfast; there was two hen eggs over easy, fried spam, cathead biscuits and sawmill gravy with some Golden Eagle syrup for soppin’. Here Essex offered that Claude Allen Bush was parked outside and his pickup bed held two of the prettiest red tick coonhound pups she had laid her eyes on in some years. At this point, most assembled folk scooted t’ward the front doors for their own personal gander. Here I decided to exit for some mid-mornin’ duties and obligations, also to check out the pups first hand. As I gathered to view the pups alongside Bro., Claude Allen proclaimed the two female red tick pups carried the names Molly and Queen — special names from some of his past finest female coonhounds. Course, you’d had to have been there and seen it to have believed it, Molly and Queen were both a wearin’ full-polished, black leather collars with shiny silver studs, more fittin’ "Flat Rock Bling," proper for the comin’ close of Valentine’s Day!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all sweethearts young and old, coupled or uncoupled!!!


Joe Potter, Potter’s Mud Creek Farm is located at 5840 County Road 339 (County Line Road), Russellville, near “Our” Flat Rock, in Lawrence County; e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..