October 2011
Farm Fresh Memories



My symptoms are:
* Watchin’ my favorite t.v. show, The Superior Cattle Auction, a week at a time on RFD-TV;
* Always admirin’ and havin’ a special appreciation for beautiful crops and livestock as they are grown by farmers and ranchers;
* Been drivin’ a tractor, seems like since I was two;
* Always happy in my pickup truck;
* Talkin’ fertilizer, N13-P13-K13 or soil samplin’ with those folks who have an interest;
* Saunterin’ back to admire all the fresh meat in the grocery store meat department;
* Explainin’ marblin’/tenderness in steak to folk droolin’ at the meat counter;
* Thinkin’ beef, bacon, bacon, bacon, pork chops, sausage, catfish, chicken, all different cuts…;
* Talkin’ agriculture and its meanin’ for all folk;
* Preservin’ old/past agriculture, sharin’ my memories, keepin’ old tools, equipment, etc.;
* Believin’ in country folk and the value of a man’s word—handshake;
* Old friendships, new friendships, neighbors helpin’ neighbors;
* Bein’ part of U.S.A.’s problem-solvin’ at The Flat Rock General Store;
* Beautiful sunsets and star-lit nights, fireflies, hearin frogs and crickets, too;
* Consumin’ homemade ice cream—peach, butterfinger, my favorites;
* Walkin’ pastures, checkin’ cows and fences, gettin’ real/natural exercise;
* Swingin’ or rockin’ on the front porch;
* Growin’, cookin’ and eatin’ fresh country vittles;
* Cuttin’ firewood, kindlin’, too…;
* Dreary, rainy days—great for helpin’ crops and pastures grow, also, for writin’ and thinkin’;
* Settin’ around the fire ring;
* Ridin’ my horse;
* Tee shirts, blue jeans, overalls, baseball caps, camo, guns, knives, huntin’;
* Gun shootin’—pistols, rifles, shotguns;
* Ridin’ the atv and bein’ out here with Kamron, Kole, Ashlyn and Anna Kate, my g-kids;
* Walkin’ ‘bout the farm, hand-in-hand laughin’, enjoyin’ life with Joyce;
* Creek-bank fishin’;
* Beautiful, new baby calves, a full litter of pink baby pigs, a nursin’;
* Bein’ totally involved in consumption agriculture, I like to eat, wear nice clothes, leather belts, footwear, also, sleep on nice cotton sheets and more;

Bein’ a member of: Alfa Farmers Federation, Farmers Co-op, Alabama Cattlemens Association, NCBA—National Cattlemens Beef Association, Auburn University Agriculture Alumni Association, the Baptist church, NACAA and AACAAS county agent groups;

My always wantin’: If I had plentiful money to grow the agriculture enterprises I like best, it would be hogs and cotton, my two favorites. But, if I had all the spendin’ money I needed, I would have a full, big farm/ranch with ‘em all—cattle, chickens, horses, hogs, cotton, corn, soybeans and the best pasture forages ever, weed free. That’s so I wouldn’t have to handle hay…

God’s Country,
The Farmers Thoughts…
I planted cotton on a chilly spring day —
I was in God’s country today.
I hauled hay on a sultry summer day —
I was in God’s country today.
I worked cattle on a changing autumn day —
I was in God’s country today.
I weaned pigs on a cold crisp winter day —
I was in God’s country today.
I rode my horse along the creek on a clear spring day —
I was in God’s country today.
I made a snowman with my family on a snowy winter day —
I was in God’s country today.
I sure enjoyed my time in God’s country today!!!

Yep, my name is Joe Potter, country boy, farmer, activist for agriculture, and I have a pure, hard-pressed serious "addiction" for agriculture and rural America…. I am very proud for all Farm Fresh Memories’ readin’ folk to know and understand the depth of my "addiction" to the life I live, breath and believe in…. I sure just honestly wish more city folk, environmentalist, animal rights activist and those other negative feelin’ folk knew the impact of and carried my "addiction" for the importance of agriculture and rural America…. Happy Fall!!!

Remember your heritage!!!
Always, think good memories!!!

Joe Potter, Potter’s Mud Creek Farm is located at 5840 County Road 339 (County Line Road), Russellville, near “Our” Flat Rock, in Lawrence County; e-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it."> This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..