May 2010
Farm Fresh Memories

Celebratin’ Cinco De Mayo In Flat Rock…

It’s A Mexican Eatin’ Day For Flat Rock Folk…

It was Monday nearin’ high noon ‘bout Flat Rock as I sighted in my pick-up for parkin’ alongside Country Road 129 ’twixt the Flat Rock Community House and The Flat Rock General Store. There was a train load of transportation modes pointin’ in all directions. Several folks was scurryin’ t’ward the old, double-front doors like it was Saturday night live wrestlin’ startin’ time down to the Armory or the last seat offerin’ at the Flat Rock Halloween cake walk. Yep, seems community and area Flat Rock folk knowed it was eatin’ day down to The Store.

As I attempted to enter The Store, there were folk hoverin’ in all corners. There was a quiet hush and I could hear Bro. a prayin’ for such blessin’s as health, protection, peace, love, the food preparers and, finally, the food itself. Here followin’, Ms. Ida took to talkin’ and offerin’ Flat Rock folk were celebratin’ Cinco De Mayo with a Mexican eatin’. She pointed at the back wall of The Store, where on white butcher paper in red marker was so penciled the Mexican eatin’ day menu—

Taco soup
Mexican cornbread
Nachos with white cheese dip
Coffee, Southern sweet tea and cold drinks

Willerdean had also made a Mexican cookie-pastry dessert she called "Bullets."

Ms. Ida continued by passin’ out flyers ’bout a real Mexican Cinco De Mayo celebration at Margarita’s Mexican Grill up at her friend Victor’s place in Scottsboro. Seems she knowed Victor from her years of teachin’ over at the college in Huntsville.

Estelle took the floor as she headed out t’ward her hair factory for one of them Monday two-hour, by-appointment-only, cut and perm. She noted to all folk present that there was a piñata hung on the front porch. Hits and or swings were a dollar each, with all money collections goin’ to the Hatton Cancer Relay for Life.

I had maneuvered to the counter where all the food was stretched out and comminst to helpin’ Willerdean, Essex, the widow Cora, Bro., and Farlow to serve out the vittles. The Music Man himself, Mr. Harley Hood, alone without no friends, was set up down the hall past the old pot-bellied heater and was a playin’ some Mexican musical selections.

Some folks were askin’ for doubles on the white cheese dip and two men wanted take-away plates. There was this one fellar who had a dessert "Bullet" and come back askin’ Willerdean for the recipe. Nextley, he asked Willerdean for six more "Bullets" for loadin’ in his truck pistol. Ha! Ha! She took his additional "Bullets" request as showin’ favoritism t’ward liken her Mexican cookie-pastry dessert, but she did offer he should wait till all eatin’ folks had their first dessert "Bullet" before he was allowed six more for "gun loadin" purposes.

’Bout this time, there was a double clap of thunder and rain comminst to fallin’ on the old tin top of The Store. Followin’ close b’hind, the crowd of gathered eatin’ folk took out in all directions. I finished off my eatin’ with one of Willerdean’s Mexican pastries, offered my goodbyes and headed t’ward my pick-up for some personal, afternoon duties and obligations.

Happy Cinco De Mayo and "Good Eatin’" from Flat Rock…


Joe Potter is a former vocational agriculture teacher, FFA advisor and retired county agent (Colbert County).