January 2010
Farm Fresh Memories


Plannin’ and Resolutin’ Full Throttle
T’ward New Years 2010…

It was Tuesday of 9 a.m. as I walked through the old double-front doors of The Flat Rock General Store. Today was eatin’ day down to The Store with country ham biscuits, cinnamon rolls, coffee, Florida fresh orange juice and sweet milk, simple but tongue-slappin’ good.

All the regulars were present includin’ Slim, Essex, Ms. Ida, the widow Cora, my Daddy "Pop" "C.C.," Farlow, Willerdean, "Truth," Estelle, Bro. S.R., J.R., "Hatch," Heath, Dustin and the music man himself, Mr. Harley Hood. Course there was several other folk who showed up for eatin’ day. Mr. L.O. hand delivered the country ham. My good friend, Mr. Ed Whatley, him who promotes and cooks beef in his workin’ job with the Alabama Cattlemen’s Association down in Montgomery was consumin’ a country ham biscuit and a washin’ it down with Florida fresh orange juice. Finally Miss Grace Smith and Mr. Jim Allen from the Cooperative Farmin’ News was a consumin’ the breakfast vittles. Additional the two was lookin’ to turn over stories for their TV Program Time Well Spent, what as it is goin’ national across the full U.S. of America on RFD-TV startin’ near bout early January. Then there was them two camo huntin’ guys who walked in late and was a takin’ on all the leftover breakfast vittles bits and pieces.

Here several subjects was throwed about like good food, the weather, RFD-TV, politics, church, New Years, Bowl games, all as some folk was doin’ their tummy rubbin’s with most lookin’ settled and content. Estelle and Ms. Ida stood at this point and took the floor. Estelle was obliged to point out the two six-foot-long pieces of white butcher paper strung up along the back wall of The Store b’hind the old potbellied heater. There so titled in red marker were two topical subjects: Resolutions 2010 and FlatRock.com.

Seems these women had desires to put Flat Rock on the .com cyberspace computer Internet highway, and as time moved with fastness t’ward January 2010, it was resolutin’ writin’ down time for all those Flat Rock folk who so felt it in their needs. On FlatRock.com, seems Ms. Ida was willin’ to set up and run the computer site with her full effort to hand deliver Flat Rock and The Flat Rock General Store, Lawrence County, Alabama, to the people cross Alabama and further on into the hands of all parts of U.S. of America. Most near all those gathered were in favor of her efforts and comminst to offerin’ assistance and their idears.

Here Estelle started passin’ out red and green writin’ markers for folk to pencil down their 2010 resolutions. Harley Hood stood and offered those gathered an invite to the 2010 New Years Eve Dance down to the Armory. Course, music to be played and words sung by Mr. Harley Hood and friends.

At this point those gathered commenced to stir t’ward the old, double-front doors of The Store as to exit for early p.m. personal duties and obligations. Most were offerin’ at L.O., Slim, Essex and others their special "Thanks" for some fine breakfast vittles eatin’ food.

I wish for each Farm Fresh Memories reader a blessed, safe, healthy and Happy New Year 2010….


Joe Potter is a former vocational agriculture teacher, FFA advisor and retired county agent (Colbert County).