October 2009
Farm Fresh Memories

It's Fall in Flat Rock…

Another Special Season of God’s Art, Perfect Pictures…

It was Monday in the early mornin’ a.m. when Bro. rang me on my cellular phone. Actually, it was so early my phone was a flashin’ "Very Early" —- not even displayin’ a concise time. He had called to read me the note on the old double-front doors of The Store.


Bro. was just makin’ me mindful it was Slim and Essex’s annual trip to the mountains of East Tennessee: Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, Sevierville and the much slower-paced Townsend. Thus, meanin’ all The Store regulars would be a fillin’ in durin’ their week away.

Bro. further commented on the weather changes (another special season of God’s art) and all the fall happenin’s —- lots of football, the fall crop harvest, the comin’ on of huntin’, fall revival, hay rides and the nearin’ of Halloween. I would swear I was pert-near dozed back off when he recollected it was only ‘bout 80 days till Christmas.

At this here point, he comminst to hangin’ up his cellular phone as he noted "Hatch" and J.R. were showin’ up to assist him with the Monday mornin’ runnin’ of The Store.

As Bro.’s cellular phone clicked goodbye, I could purely imagine fall and God’s art in the beautiful East Tennessee mountains. Then I fell back on my pillow for some more sleepin’. I closed my eyes, thought for a moment and realized…God’s art is all over Flat Rock and the whole world 24/7 — summer, winter, spring and fall.

Think with me for a minute about God’s art. What is the prettiest thing (moment) you have seen today? A country boy/girl might say the way God arranged a row of peas, even oak leaves blowing in the breeze or this beautiful weed that made them sneeze. But, here are some I have seen or imagine there are…

God’s Art, Perfect Pictures…
It’s not a picture drawn by the hand of you or me
But, his canvas stretches across the world about us completely
God’s art, perfect pictures
for all to see

His simple presentation of a tree
Even something as tiny as a honey bee
God’s art, perfect pictures

Simply a bunch of grapes in the neighborhood grocery
Or clothes arranged on the line to dry naturally
God’s art, perfect pictures

A misty morning in the rolling hills of Tennessee
The calm of a big, flowing river like the mighty Mississippi
God’s art, perfect pictures

A South Dakota ring necked pheasant as it rises to flee
Or fields of Kansas wheat as far as the eye can see
God’s art, perfect pictures

A brilliant-colored rainbow as it touches the earth so magnificently
Snowflakes, sized and marked individually
God’s art, perfect pictures

A field of mature cotton in the boothills of Missouri
Maybe a herd of historic Texas longhorns grazing peacefully
God’s art, perfect pictures

A Carolina tom turkey as he gobbles boastfully
A still Georgia lake with its lily pads arranged so artfully
God’s art, perfect pictures

A single child standing so innocently
Yes, even a loving couple hand-in-hand strolling quietly
God’s art, perfect pictures

The American flag flying briskly
A golden sunset as it descends westerly
God’s art, perfect pictures
for all to see

A simple white church in New England standing stately
An open Bible as it displays His word completely
More of God’s art, perfect pictures everywhere you can see

Each individual presentation of God’s art, perfect pictures
A single blessing, to be enjoyed totally by you and me

Yep, it’s fall in Flat Rock, but it’s only a small part (one special season) of God’s art, perfect pictures. Enjoy the season and Happy Halloween!!!

Remember Your Heritage!!!
Always, Think Good Memories!!!

Joe Potter is a former vocational agriculture teacher, FFA advisor and retired county agent (Colbert County).