May 2007
Farm Fresh Memories

J.R. To Bro., She Was Prayed Up…

J.R. To Bro., She Was Prayed Up…

It was near 9:30 on Monday morning when I walked through the old double front doors of The Flat Rock General Store. Most near all the regulars includin’ Slim, Essex, the widow Cora, Ms. Ida, Farlow, Willerdean, Bro., S.R., J.R., my Daddy "pop" C.C., "Truth" and Estelle were present; course there were a few other community and area Flat Rock folk movin’ about The Store also.

J.R. had the floor and was tellin’ Bro. about the young lady that he had met in the late fall during the single young adults Bible retreat bus trip to Gatlinburg, TN. Seems that they had saughter hit it off and they had been seein’ each other since then — even though she lives 2 hours away in Corinth, MS. It seems that they had very like backgrounds and both had faced similar hurtful past relationships. Course he wasn’t rushin’ nothin’ but he told Bro. with excitement that he honestly believed that because of all their likeness that this young lady had been "prayed up."

At this point Essex spoke about how fate had brought her and Slim together. Yonder years back she had a car flat over near C.C. Smith School and just guess who her young Knight in Shining Armor was – yes, Mr. Slim himself, the start of a still growing relationship, too long in years to calculate.

Willerdean was next with her story of how her and Farlow both worked for John Thorn alongside each other. That how, after over two years, their work relationship grew into a courtship after Farlow finally asked her on a date. Married today, they still worked alongside each other in their own construction business, that they have been together for well over 35 years and that she expected another 35 whether by prayer or fate.

"Hatch" and Harley Hood moved on into The Store during this very deep "fate/prayed up" conversation and both commented they would welcome that very special lady whether she showed up by prayer or fate.

Ms. Ida offered a much different perspective on how she let her "prayed up" man get away. Seems several years back there was a gentleman she taught with over at the College whose wife had passed. After some time he and she got together and things were good. But, because of her years as a single independent woman and being set in her ways, plus a very hurtful past love experience she let this man and a special growing relationship die. She pulled a crumpled and stained piece of paper from her purse as she offered up a short poem she had written about her love loss…


I didn’t know love when I met you
At my age I didn’t know if I wanted to

I didn’t know what love was
If I could take love from you
I had been hurt really bad
One time too

I didn’t know until you were gone
What love was
How real you made love feel to me

I didn’t know until you were gone
How much I missed you
That you were real in my heart

I didn’t know until you were gone
How real you were, that you cared deeply

I didn’t know how much I missed you
That I cared for you

I didn’t know what I really wanted
That you were real in my heart

I just really didn’t know!!!

Ms. Ida explained with a tear in her eye, we were a special couple, even at our age and I just didn’t know love.

Estelle finished things up on a high note—seems "Truth" showed up in her senior high sewing class years back with a serious garment problem, she quickly repaired the garment and the rest is history. She says call it "fate" that they have been "love birds" for goin’ on near thirty years now.

About this time talk turned away from folks bein’ buddied up, by prayer or fate. Most near all The Store regulars and other community and area Flat Rock folk begin to disperse back to their daily responsibilities.


Joe Potter is a former vocational agriculture teacher, FFA advisor and retired county agent (Colbert County).