June 2007
Farm Fresh Memories




It was near noon on Thursday when I walked through the old double front doors of The Flat Rock General Store. There was a full lunch crowd gathered that covered most near all The Store regulars includin’ — Slim, Essex, Ms. Ida, the widow Cora, Farlow, Willerdean, "Truth," Estelle, S.R., J.R., "Hatch," Heath, Dustin and the night owl, Harley Hood. It was near heated up inside The Store and Slim had the old rattlie window fan runnin’ full throttle.

’Course rain is lackin’ around Flat Rock. It is ’bout dry as a baby’s sandbox and the meteorological forecast calls for lackin’ amounts of rainfall for the near future.

Bro. followed close behind me carrin’ a arm load of flyers that he begin passin’ out concern’ the two thousand ought seven Father’s Day celebration and recognition down to the Baptist Church. ’Course all community and area Flat Rock folk are welcome and, like most things around Flat Rock community there would be a eatin’ followin’ church services accordin’ to Bro.

Several of the folks gathered started talkin’ about rememberances of their Father, "Daddy," those currently livin’ and others that had passed on. Bro. encouraged everyone who planned to attend the celebration down to the church to prepare a tribute to either Daddy’s or G-Daddy’s past or livin’.

By this time most near all the folks present had moved on through The Store and headed out to afternoon obligations.

As I drove off from The Flat Rock General Store, I got to thinking about a tribute I had actually written and given to my Daddy "pop" C.C. about four years ago on Father’s Day. It would be most near perfect for Father’s Day 2007, especially since my Daddy "pop" C.C. at eighty-three years young was injured in a serious fall on January 6 of 2007, and has not quite made it back to full mobility. I love you, my Daddy "pop" C.C.

This is for all daddies – young, old, farm, city, past, present. Thank you for all you do or have done…

He’s my daddy!!!
He would ride me on his back
for miles
When I was just a child.

Was up before daylight,
and worked well into the night.

He carried me to church and
taught me wrong from right.

He could hit a ball a mile,
and even force me into a smile.

Cooks a great breakfast
"Southern Style."

He helped me make a bow,
with a rat tail vine and string.

He only missed one of my
high school football games.

He taught me how to run,
and bought me my first gun.

He was with me when
I shot my first squirrel.

He even smiled when
I told him I liked girls.

He taught me to drive a tractor,
car and pick-up truck.

He is completely Southern,
except he hates ice tea.

He taught me work and honesty.

He can back a wagon, run a cotton
picker, set a plow, even milk a cow.

He encouraged me to go to college
to prepare me for now,
and usually gave me what
I wanted somehow.

He helped me fly a kite,
sat up with me all night.

He taught me to drive a nail,
even how to split a rail.

He would bait my hook
so the fish would bite.

Could site a fence level and straight
clear out of sight.

To saddle a horse and
how to cinch it up right.

He taught me to pack cotton
on the wagon tight,
and never pick a fight.

When I was young to sleep
without a light,
And later to always be in
before midnight.

That for him not to smoke
or drink was right.

To dig potatoes, eat tomatoes,
even shell a bean or two.

To scoop corn, dehorn,
to even build a barn.

To pitch horseshoes,
and even encouraged me
when I would lose.

Yes, he taught me to do things right!

Did I tell you that he also taught me
to play marbles and fly a kite.

Happy Fathers day to all Dads, I wish each of you the bestest for the remainder of 2007 as well as future years…



Joe Potter is a former vocational agriculture teacher, FFA advisor and retired county agent (Colbert County).