June 2008
Farm Fresh Memories

Live From The Flat Rock General Store…

WRUL A.M. 1410, High Hoon Swap and Shop…
It's Fur Sale, I Ain't Needin' It No More!!!

By Joe Potter

It was Wednesday and the clock was a holdin’ on full twelve noon as I entered The Flat Rock General Store. There was this semblance of a full train boxcar load of plantin’ ‘taters layin’ nigh ten stacks deep, full of The Store regulars, ’long with bunches more community and area Flat Rock folk settin’, hangin’ or propped in the rear of The Store. The whole lot was as pure quiet as a double-dozen belly-full brown dog ticks on Mr. John Perkins long-haired sooner mutt named Norvelle.

Slim had the old a.m. Victrola on near full-throttle for hearin’ to all walls of The Store—there was intense thought and some was even a takin’ notes.

It was the WRUL A.M. 1410 High Noon Swap And Shop… Buy, Sell or Trade

It’s Fur Sale, I Ain’t Needin’ It No More!!!

I got two Leghorn hens and two pullets — need to sell all four. There is also a haulin’ coop I will throw in for jist a few dollars more. Call — ask for Cora.

There’s two Beagle pups — one is registered and the other is three-quarters or more, sell one or both. Would consider tradin’ ’em for a nice used front-entrance door. Call –– Mary Nell.

I would like to sell a signed eight-by-ten picture of President Daddy Bush and Barbara. Also will sell a picture – it ain’t signed – of that man President about two or three afore – now I ain’t sure if’n he was ever President but I know he sure wanted to be ’cause he did run one time or more. The pictures is real fine — sell one or both. Pick up at naught 57 Co. Line before Sat. a.m. of nine.

I have two RC Cola collectorable racin’ signs of Earnhart when he was in his prime — that’s Willie Earnhart running dirt track back in ’59 . Sell or would trade both for some natural unfinished heart pine. Call — Willie Joe or Gail anytime.

Sell nerly new set of crochet praying hands and toe sack full of martin goards — or consider tradin’ both for a ’67 V-6 Ford pickup tailgate – would druther have red one. Call — Ask for Emmit or Duane.

Have to sell Jimmy Wayne’s size eight dingo boots and medium cowboy hat — askin’ $20. But, they’re worth two passels more. He’s growin’ so fast he needs a size 11 boot and two (XX) cowboy hat. Call — ask for Jimmy Wayne’s mother, Laura Ann.

Will do child-setting in my home for a reasonerable charge. I don’t mind two or three of ’em. Must be well-behaved youngun’s — Bring ’em about seven and pick ’em up ’fore supper ’cause Evertt works days and I am usual here alone. Call — Ask for Maw Pearl.

From up Mama’s house I got to sell this like-new well-bucket and 30-foot of chain – alon’ with a fine beautiful yellar finger-dial talking phone — I ain’t sure but it may have lost it’s rang. Call — Mary Nell.

We got extra fur free tickets to the Gospel sing down at the Armory Saturday night week — must be willin’ to carry along my sister Inus and me cause it bein’ at night its real hard for me to drive or Inus to see. Call — ask for Inus or me, I thankee.

Call WRUL-A.M. 1410 High Noon Swap And Shop ...

Presented live daily with exceptions of Saturday and Sunday…

Buy Harley Ed and Judy’s like-new TV’s off County 33. Also, Carol Jean and Henrettia Johnson’s Porta Tan and Oneal "Truck" Wilson’s Four Times Four Salvage.

At WRUL A.M. 1410 Swap And Shop Noonday...

You can buy ’er, sell ’er or—trade ’er for somethin’ more needful——

Our motto at WRUL: "If’n it ain’t needful, we’ll help you get it to the needful!!!"

At this here point, I decided to retreat back to my pick-up ’cause there weren’t near one person present inside The Store who was able to talk or visit. All was geared in thought toward the High Noon Swap And Shop in hopes of comin’ on a pure bargain.

Estelle did note as she exited The Store alongside me – for one of them Wednesday by appointment-only cut and perms down to her hair factory — that some folk were "hopin’ on a locatin’ a special Father’s Day present."

Happy Father’s Day!!! To all Dads…



Joe Potter is a former vocational agriculture teacher, FFA advisor and retired county agent (Colbert County).