July 2008
Farm Fresh Memories

Fireworks, Food, Friends, Fun, and Fierce Competin'...

Celebrating’ Independence Day Ought Eight In Flat Rock…

By Joe Potter

It was Monday close upon 8:30 p.m. hoverin’ ‘twix day and night. Slim had just rung me on my cellular phone and summoned me to The Flat Rock General Store. Seems Ms. Ida had just handwrit on white butcher paper and in red marker on the back wall the ought eight Independence Day celebratin’ schedule for The Flat General Store and for participatin’ by all the community and area folk in hearin’ and drivin’ range. I was, in Slim’s words, to be the examiner of this final schedule for promotin’ purposes.

Havin’ Independence Day ought eight come up on Friday, celebratin’ for The Store folk would come one day past (Saturday, July 5th) for the conveniences of all local participators. The carrin’ out of the activities would involve all The Store regulars includin’ Slim, Essex, Ms.Ida, the widow Cora, Farlow and Willerdean Wedge, "Truth" and Estelle, Bro., S.R., J.R., "Hatch," and, the music man himself, Mr. Harley Hood. Additional, my Daddy "pop" C.C. would there on his Gator to supervise vehicle parkin’ in and around The Flat Rock Community House. Additional the efforts of several other community and area folk would be required for the Independence Day celebratin’.

The schedule is too long to pencil down completely, but would start for early comers at 9 a.m. with ham biscuits, pear preserves, orange juice, sweet milk and music by the Baptist ensemble singin’ quartet. Later there would be some softball team competin’ ‘tween Wolf Springs, Flat Rock, Old Bethel, Mt Hope and Hatton. Near eleven to noon, for all the center-day heat-handlin’ folk there would be Mr. L.O. Bishop’s straight-from-the-farm pulled pork bar-b-que sandwiches. Then, under the shade trees, there’ll be horseshoes also supervised by my Daddy "pop" C.C., the heat and his health allowin’ such.

Toward 3 p.m., Mr. Wilton Fortenberry, (whose been feelin’ poorly lately, but better now) from over to the PPPP in Russellville, and his crew is a havin’ a chicken wing eatin’ contest. That’s followed by bubble blowin’ for all kids from big to little and young to oldest.

Near ’bout six p.m., for supper my buddies Mr. Orland Britnell and Mr. John Thorn from over to Waco with the help of several other local cattle producin’ folk would be cookin’ up juicy "Beef Burgers" with trimmins’. Coincidin’ there’ll be a Homemade Ice Cream Makin’ Contest allowin’ for samplin’ by all folk present and them to be samplin’ judges.

Concludin’, as day moves from light to early dark, there’ll be a fireworks shootin’ display. To proper close out the night, Ms. Ida will offer up her special patriotism words and the Independence Day celebratin’ in Flat Rock will be topped-off with music by Harley Hood and Friends.

Kick back with family and friends, do the "Que," make some homemade ice cream, blow some bubbles and play nerf ball with all the big and little kids. Then, when you pray, thank God special for all the daily freedoms we have and for all the men and women who sacrifice in their lives, and some with their lives, to make these freedoms possible for each of us…



Joe Potter is a former vocational agriculture teacher, FFA advisor and retired county agent (Colbert County).