August 2005
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8-year-old Sean Sears lands 72 pound catfish

Sean Sears (left) caught this catfish on July 18, 2005, in the Tennessee River. He brought it in totally by himself using a regular catfish hook, 17-lb. test line and after a 25-minute struggle. Charlie Sears (right), his father, didn’t help Sean until he got the fish to the boat and saw how big it really was. His grandfather Jimmy Moore (center), of Trinity, used a cotton scale he had in his truck to weigh the catfish. However, Sean felt that it weighed more than the 72 pounds indicated since the scales were rusty! It was heavy enough that it took both men to hold it off the ground for a picture to be taken. Sean is 8 years old and lives in Decatur. He is the nephew of Robin Moore, AFC’s Purchasing and Property Department.