September 2007
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Farming for Wildlife - Magazine Turning Out to be a Big Hit

By Todd Amenrud

When the partnership of American Graphics Group and BioLogic agreed to put out a new magazine together I don’t think we realized how fast success would come. I knew it would be a popular title; education throughout the country was "pushing" in that direction and the timing was perfect. But without really any advertising at all, Farming for Wildlife’s paid-for subscriptions are climbing remarkably fast. We are taking it from biannually to quarterly and expanding the size of the publication. Everything is rolling "full steam ahead."

  The author believes that one reason Farming for Wildlife has been so successful is because the readers can tell that the entire magazine staff “lives” the “Farming for Wildlife” way of life. They all manage their own properties for wildlife and they’re passionate about it. Bobby Cole, Editorial Director for Farming for Wildlife, poses with his daughter Jesse and a buck that she harvested on a recent hunt with her father.
There are a number or reasons why Farming for Wildlife is doing so well. The biggest reason is the content. "Content is king" they say. If you write about what people want to know – people will read it! If I must say so myself, it’s also a good looking, high quality product, it’s put together well with high quality paper and our publishers do an excellent job. We have a very good advertisement/article ratio, meaning the majority of the magazine is highly sought after content rather then advertisements.

However, advertisements are necessary. So far, our advertisers have complimented us and said that they have never been able to track successful sell-through like they are seeing with this publication, especially a new publication. I think that’s because this magazine is being purchased by people who are serious about managing their property correctly. They see successful products and they want to duplicate the success.

I believe another reason it has been successful is because the readers can tell the entire magazine staff "lives" the "Farming for Wildlife" way of life. We all manage our own properties for wildlife and we’re passionate about it – I think people can tell that. All the way from the publishers, editors and sales staff to the industry’s leading writers who we hire; everybody literally loves managing their property for wildlife.

Bobby Cole, Editorial Director for Farming for Wildlife says, "The magazine has enjoyed a strong initial release...subscribers and renewing subscribers obviously recognize the information to manage many aspects of their recreational properties and ultimately improve their hunting is right here in these pages. I am so proud of the response we are getting. Whether its deer, waterfowl, turkeys or ponds...we want to help land managers get the most from their properties. Farming for Wildlife is their magazine. Try it and you’ll be hooked, too."
People seem to be devouring the information that we provide. Since BioLogic first started they have been known as the industry’s leader in research. We test our products and philosophies in two hemispheres, on several continents and in numerous places around the U.S. and Canada. Because of this research, BioLogic is on the cutting edge of what is happening in the food plot/management industry. Farming for Wildlife is the perfect "vehicle" to bring this information to the public.

I’ll let the subscribers talk - feedback is pouring in from all parts of the country. Here’s a few:

• Benton D., from Columbia, S.C., -"Finally a magazine that is devoted to managing land and wildlife....THIS is the magazine that I read...and save each issue. Thanks FFW."

• James R. from Monticello, MS - "This is the only magazine I get ...that I sit down and read cover to cover immediately. The information is really good."

• Richard R. Louisville, KY - "There are lots of hunting magazines...but only one Farming for Wildlife, I love it and only wish it came out more often. It’s actually improved my hunting. Keep up the good work. I’ll subscribe for life."

• And finally, Todd H. from Berlin, WI - "I am enclosing a check so my brother-in-law can have his own subscription. He keeps stealing mine. Great magazine. This is the information I need to manage my hunting land."

BioLogic’s Farming for Wildlife is a great source of information for the wildlife manager who wants to take his property to the next level. From whitetails to waterfowl and soil tests to spray rigs, BioLogic’s Farming for Wildlife promises to deliver the information that you want and need. Our mission is to take proven farming techniques and merge them with scientifically significant management practices to produce the best product of its kind in the industry. To subscribe to Farming for Wildlife log on to, or call 1-866-367-3337.

Todd Amenrud is the Director of Public Relations, Territory Manager & Habitat Consultant for BioLogic.