December 2007
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AFC Cowboy Mounted Shooting State Championships

Paige Whitt of Ardmore, with Salty, was the Ladies Overall Champion at the State Championships.
The Alabama Farmers Cooperative Cowboy Mounted Shooting State Championships were held in the new Fayette Multipurpose Complex Indoor Arena in Fayette on July 21 & 22, 2007. It was sponsored by Alabama Farmers Cooperative. The winners were Paige Whitt & Salty of Ardmore, Ladies Overall Champion and Gary Vickers & Dragon of Tennessee, Mens & Overall Shoot Champion. There were three division winners from Alabama as well: Ivan Desindes, Mens Division 1; Sharon Sullivan, Ladies Division 2 and Bill Mengel, Senior Mens Division 1.

Our State Championships were a huge success with a turnout of 50 shooters from five different states with two of the top ten shooters in the world making an appearance.

Lamar Peters, manager of Fayette Farmers Co-op and Don Linker, AFC outside salesman, were on hand to congratulate our winners and distribute informative product literature on their top quality Co-op products at their booth.

Gary Vickers, with Dragon, of Tennessee was the Mens and Overall Shoot Champion.
The spectators & partici-pants also enjoyed the comforts of a brand new indoor equine facility complete with a huge concession, restrooms and vendor space along with 48 RV hookups; 96 Tarter stalls, complete with feed doors and supplied by the Fayette Farmers Co-op; and a complete separate outdoor riding arena, also made by Tarter and supplied by Fayette Farmers Co-op.

Everyone had a great time and commented on how nice the new facility was.

Be sure to mark your calendar for the 2008 Alabama Cowboy Mounted 

Shooters State Championships on July 19-20 at the Fayette Multipurpose Complex. Shoots are also scheduled for June 28-29 and September 27-28, 2008 at the Multipurpose Complex.

For more information or if you would like to join the Alabama Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association contact Sharon Sullivan at (205) 412-0684 or Bill Mengel at (205) 680-6468.

Desperado Trail Winners are pictured from left: Sharon Sullivan, Alabama Cowboy Mounted Shooter’s Club President; Candis Olive, 3rd Place Overall; Zaine Seales, 1st Place Mens & Team; David Farris, 1st Place Overall (saddle winner); Bill Mengel, 2nd Place Overall; Linda Mengel, 1st Place Ladies & Team and Karl Barefield, 2nd Place Mens. The Best Dressed Cowgirl Award went to Jill Farris and Best Dressed Cowboy Award went to Karl Barefield.
ALCMSA Desperado Trail Winners

ALCMSA Desperado Trail was held at Millbranch Farms in Winfield on November 1, 2007. It was sponsored by MillBranch Farms and Alabama Farmers Cooperative, Inc. This was a fun shoot held for club members who like to take the word "cowboy" to the extreme. Contestants relive a piece of the Old West while competing for top prizes including a saddle, bridles, clippers, bits, trophies and top awards. Each competitor ran a timed course set up with targets staged as Indians and outlaws from the Old West while crossing logs, ditches and wooded areas of rough terrain.

Also held was a team competition where members were paired into teams. One team member would shoot half the course, come back to release his or her partner who was locked in jail on their horse. When released, the second member shot the other half of the course.

Great fun was had by all and everyone retreated back to the Millbranch homestead for a huge fish fry with great tasting fish fillets furnished by Lamar Peters, manager of Fayette Farmers Cooperative. After the awards were presented, everyone finished up with a sunset trail ride.