December 2007
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At Your Local Co-op

Elberta Farmers Co-op Employee
Addresses Local Arabian Horse Club
   Morgan Farmers Co-op
Sponsors Turkey Shoot

Victoria Dennis, employee of Elberta Farmers Co-op, discussed how to purchase hay, alternative hay products and how hay is processed at the Equine Seminar held annually by the local Arabian Horse Club. The Seminar allows local professionals to provide information to horse owners. Some of the topics included hoof care and common problems, equine dentistry, pasture management and equine photography.   Pictured lending a hand at Priceville High School Band’s First Annual Turkey Shoot are, from left, Marcus Solomon, Morgan Farmers Co-op, holding his daughter, Hayley Dean; Mark Solomon, AFC’s Feed Farm and Home warehouse and Rhonda Herring, AFC’s Feed, Farm and Home Department. Morgan Farmers Co-op sponsored the event and David Langston of Decatur was the winner of a $250 gift certificate.

Pike County Farmer Grows
Giant Sweet Potatoes
Frank Prochazka of Troy showed off two of his sweet potatoes to Pike Farmers Co-op, where he is a customer. They weighed 4.5 and 5.25 pounds.