February 2008
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Farmers’ Gasoline Tax Refund Deadline March 31

By  Darryal Ray

Alabama farmers have until March 31, 2008 to file claims for their state gasoline tax refund, Cynthia Underwood, acting commissioner of the Alabama Department of Revenue, announced January 25.

Refund claims are based on portions of the state excise tax paid by farmers on gasoline used during 2007 for agricultural purposes. The portion of the gasoline tax that can be refunded applies only to the amount of gasoline used in tractors or any auxiliary engines which may be attached to tractors. Gasoline used in farm trucks is not subject to a refund. The refund claim must be postmarked no later than March 31.

"We encourage those farmers who qualify for such a refund to submit their refund claims as soon as possible," said Underwood.

Taxes on gasoline purchased from Jan. 1- Dec. 31, 2007 will be refunded at the rate of 15 cents per gallon. The refund applies to tax levied upon gasoline only; it does not apply to any tax on diesel fuel.

Any individual qualifying for a refund who has not received a 2007 claim form may obtain one by writing: Alabama Department of Revenue, Sales, Use and Business Tax Division, Motor Fuels Section, Post Office Box 327540, Montgomery, AL 36132-7540, or telephone (334) 242-9608.

Locally, forms are available at all county extension agent offices and all Alabama Department of Revenue Taxpayer Service Centers. Call or visit your nearest service center listed below.

— Auburn/Opelika, 3300 Skyway Drive, (334) 887-9549

— Dothan, 344 North Oates Street, (334) 793-5803

— Gadsden, 235 College Street, (256) 547-0554

— Huntsville, 994 Explorer Blvd., (256) 922-1082

— Jefferson/Shelby, 2020 Valleydale Road, Ste. 208, Hoover, (205) 733-2740

— Mobile, 955 Downtowner Blvd., (251) 344-4737

— Montgomery, 1021 Madison Avenue, (334) 242-2677

— Muscle Shoals, 874 Reservation Road, (256) 383-4631

— Tuscaloosa, 518 19th Avenue, (205) 759-2571

Last year, the Department of Revenue processed 58 claims, resulting in $8,601.90 being refunded to farmers for portions of gasoline taxes paid by them, and used only for agricultural purposes in their tractors and other applicable farming equipment.