July 2008
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From Your Local Co-op: Katherine Perry Chooses Co-op for Birthday Party Venue

"It started last fall when we (Farmers Cooperative Market in Leroy) started selling Schleich toys. Ruby Nell Cave, an employee, would bring her granddaughter, Katherine Perry (right), in to see the toys and ultimately would wind-up buying one. As word spread about the toys, we set up tables so we could have farm, safari and Wild West scenes. The kids love it!! It gives them something to do while the adults shop. Katherine would come by and set-up the tables the way she wanted them. When her birthday was nearing, Ruby asked her where she wanted to have her birthday party and Katherine said, "THE CO-OP." Ruby told me of Katherine’s request and I replied that we would be delighted to have her a party at the Co-op. I expected just Ruby and Katherine to come by, but we had parents, cousins, aunts and uncles. It was great!! We served cake and ice cream to customers while they shopped. Everyone had a blast!! Ruby kept telling the customers the cake was made from eggs laid by chicks she had bought at the Co-op and the decorations were also from the Co-op. We wish each of our stores had customers like this. They support us and have fun with us, too!"
— Jeff Hughston, manager