July 2008
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From AFC Headquarters: Patron Feedback



My family would like to take this time to thank your company for such a quick response in assisting us with our destroyed cabbage problem. Our daughter Jackalyn attends Emmons School in Antioch, IL, and she is participating in the 3rd grade cabbage program.

Since Jackalyn brought her cabbage home from school she has tended to it with loving care and it showed by how great it was growing. Once we planted it into a bigger pot, we placed it on the deck so she could take care of it and watch over it. We knew this area was far enough away from wild animals that may have bothered it but we never even thought it would pique the curiosity of our five-year-old Alaskan Malamute "Rocky."

When we came home after Jackalyn’s softball game she ran over to me crying holding two cabbage leaves she found lying in the driveway, which was obvious to both of us something bad had happened. We immediately ran up to the deck only to find all of the cabbage leaves had been chewed and ripped with only two small stems left in the pot.

It was obvious Rocky was the offender of this incident, which was even harder for Jackalyn to understand why Rocky would do such a thing to her cabbage she had been taking care of.

That evening we went to the Antioch Wal-Mart in hopes to find a replacement plant with negative results. We also called several other stores with negative results. I then went to your (Bonnie) website and sent an e-mail in hopes of being able to locate and purchase a new plant. As I sent the e-mail I read it may take 24 - 48 hours for a response, which I thought was reasonable.

But to my surprise not only did we get an immediate response the next day, not by e-mail but a phone call, from a Bonnie employee named Lonnie, who also shared her story of when her dogs entered her garden and tore it all up. After our conversation, Lonnie arranged for a special cabbage plant to be delivered directly to the Antioch Wal-Mart for us.

When we arrived at the Wal-Mart and retrieved the cabbage plant set aside waiting for us, we fully expected to purchase the plant and to our surprise they said there was no charge.

We also received follow-up phone calls from Lonnie to confirm we had received the plant, which we thought was a great personal touch that means a great deal to us. We are sure your company does large volume sales and deliveries to businesses all over the states which is why we are so impressed your employee, Lonnie, took the time to help organize this special delivery of one plant to us.

My husband and I are both in the field of serving the public, a.k.a. law enforcement, and, as new officers join our departments, we always stress to them the importance of dealing with each call for service with a personal touch by keeping the complainants informed of the progress of their case or just by spending the time listening to a citizen who may have a question while passing them on the streets.

We are glad to have had the great experience with your company and Lonnie, who we will never forget.

Thank You,
Loyal Customers Forever,
Dennis, Dawn and Jackalyn Geraty

P.S. Jackalyn and Rocky have made up. This plant will be planted far out of his reach.