February 2013
Farm & Field

Learn How to Manage Ants and Other Pests Via Don’t Bug Me Webinars

Photo by Scott Bauer, USDA Agricultural Research Service, Bugwood.org


Got ants? Tired of ladybug invasions in the fall? Brought home bed bugs from your last trip? Alabama Cooperative Extension Systems professionals will moderate a free webinar series that will take on all of these topics. In 2013, most of the webinars will be on fire ants and other invasive ant species. Other topics for the year include bed bugs and various insects invading homes each autumn.

Alabama Extension Entomologist Dr. Kathy Flanders said these free webinars are designed for homeowners and the general public.

"We will provide them with sound, research-based management solutions for these pests from some of the best experts around the country," she said. "The webinars are specifically for ordinary people who need answers they can use.

"Participating is as simple as clicking on a web link."

Each webinar will begin at 1 p.m. Central Time and will last 30 to 45 minutes.

Flanders said not to worry if you cannot tune in for the live webinar.

"The webinars will be recorded and archived. If you miss one, you will be able to watch a recording later," she explained.

The webinars are sponsored by eXtension and the Alabama Cooperative Extension System. They are coordinated by the Imported Fire Ant eXtension Community of Practice.

First Friday of the Month Spring Series

February 1, 2013. Fire Ant Home Remedies - What Works, What Doesn’t. Home remedies for fire ant control are dominating the Internet. Learn what works and what doesn’t. Learn about safe and effective techniques for fire ant management for home landscapes. Hosted by ACES Regional Extension Agent Dani Carroll.

March 1, 2013. Ants! Ants! Ants! Tawny crazy ants and Argentine ants don’t sting, but their large colonies are definitely annoying. Learn how these ants live and how to control them. Hosted by ACES Regional Extension Agent Bethany O’Rear.

April 5, 2013. You Have Fire Ants Where? Targeted fire ant management in sensitive and challenging areas including vegetable gardens, fish ponds, compost piles and electrical boxes. Hosted by ACES Regional Extension Agent Willie Datcher.

May 3, 2013. Protect Your Loved Ones From Fire Ants. Learn safe, effective, research-based methods to protect your family and pets from fire ants. Hosted by ACES Regional Extension Agent Charles Pinkston.

June 7, 2013. Get Rid of Those Bed Bugs. Learn how bed bugs live and get sound, research-based advice on how to get rid of them. Hosted by ACES Regional Extension Agent Chris Becker.

First Wednesday of the Month Fall Series

September 4, 2013. Fall - A Good Time to Control Fire Ants with Bait. Applying fire ant baits in the fall is an effective way to minimize fire ant problems in home lawns and other landscapes. Learn how to get the most out of your fire ant bait and discuss communitywide fire ant management programs. Hosted by ACES Regional Extension Agent Sallie Lee.

October 2, 2013. Home Invaders. Every fall certain bugs come into our houses looking for a place to spend the winter. Learn what they are and how to evict them. Hosted by ACES Regional Extension Agent Ellen Huckabay.

November 6, 2013. Keep Ants Off the Thanksgiving Table. Learn safe and effective ways to keep ants from invading your house. Hosted by ACES Regional Extension Agent Mallory Kelley.

As the date for each webinar approaches, watch eXtension’s Don’t be Bugged Webinar Series page – www.extension.org/pages/66408/ dont-be-bugged-webinar-series-2013for more information on that particular webinar.