October 2014
Product Spotlight

Formax High Magnesium Minerals

As I thought about products to spotlight for October, I was drawn to high-magnesium minerals. High-magnesium minerals have been used for many years to help prevent grass tetany in cattle.

Grass tetany is a nutrition problem that strikes female cattle grazing highly fertilized cool-season grasses. It will mainly affect older cattle in early lactation. Grass tetany is caused by low blood-serum levels of Mg. When cool-season grasses are low in Mg, compounded with soils that are low in Mg, and added to the cow’s Mg requirements to produce milk, it can create a situation where the cow’s Mg is low. Cold temperatures and cloudy weather are conditions that promote low Mg levels in the forage.

To help prevent this condition, feed Formax minerals. Formax minerals are formulated and developed to help correct mineral imbalances in our Southern forages. Other mineral companies do not match our forage requirements here in Alabama. Most Formax minerals contain Mintrex chelated trace minerals that can increase absorption up to 600 percent over elemental forms of minerals. They are also weather coated to handle our humid conditions.

Formax Grazing Bronze - This is a good choice for the producer who wants a complete mineral and a low-cost magnesium source.

Formax Grazing Silver - This mineral is a great choice for the above-average commercial cattle herd. High levels of chelated minerals, weather coating and high levels of trace minerals make this a great choice to boost your magnesium and maintain a high level of reproductive performance.

Formax Grazing Gold - The Formax gold series of minerals is designed for the highest level reproductive efficiency in your cattle. Formulated with the greatest levels of chelated trace minerals, organic yeast and vitamin E to ensure this mineral can handle the stress of breeding, whether natural or artificial.

Formax 24/7 - This mineral fits nicely between the Bronze and Silver lines of minerals. In addition to having good levels of chelated trace minerals and weather coating, 24/7 has 6 percent magnesium so it can be fed all year. When fed continuously, this mineral will keep the blood serum levels of magnesium at good levels.

John Sims is a products specialist for AFC’s Feed, Farm, Home department. He can be contacted at 256-260-3433 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..