June 2014
Product Spotlight

MaxRax Deer Feed

MaxRax Wildlife Nutrition Inc. emerged in the mid-1990s as a specialized wildlife nutrition company with a commitment to quality and service. In today’s market, performance means everything and competition is tight. When formulating specialized diets, all aspects of breeding and raising deer are considered such as herd genetics, stress factors, water quality and extreme temperature fluctuations. Because breeding parameters are constantly changing, our independent nutrition research allows us to consistently improve our feed formulations. When feeding MaxRax, you can be confident you’re feeding the most advanced wildlife nutrition products.

MaxRax offers a diverse group of products that combine on-farm research with more than 15 years of experience and understanding the nutritional needs of deer and elk based on climate, region, season, soil/water conditions and genetics. MaxRax products contain special additives to optimize animal health and performance. They contain Chelated Trace Mineral Complexes for growth, reproduction and immune system function; Probiotics for intestinal health and nutrient absorption; Digestive Enzymes for greater feed and natural browse digestion; and Yeast Cultures for greater fiber digestion, energy utilization and mineral absorption.

16% MaxRax Deer Pellets: A universal diet for all stages of deer production

17% MaxRax Plus Pellets: For maximum antler production

20% MaxRax Fawn and Lactating Doe Pellets: Higher protein and energy to support rapid growth and aid in gestation and lactation

16% MaxRax Textured Feed: Fall/winter mix to assist overall health during the rut, breeding, cold temperatures and lower winter-feed intake

18.5% MaxRax Textured Feed: Spring/summer mix for superior antler growth

Alabama Farmers Cooperative manufactures MaxRax Deer Feed to ensure the highest quality and consistency for your animals. MaxRax is available at your local Quality Co-op store.

John Sims is an AFC products specialist.