November 2014
Product Spotlight


The foundation of a feed or water trough needs to be level and placed on materials (graded aggregate base or concrete). The area around the trough for at least 10 feet should be protected from the heavy use of the cattle and gently sloped to prevent holding water. The preferred protective surface consists of a non-woven geotextile (fabric) material overlaid with at least 6 inches of graded aggregate base (crushed stone). Smaller graded aggregate base can be used on the surface if needed. All stone should be crushed limestone or granite that meets graduation requirements. If concrete is used, a thickness of at least 4 inches is required. The surface of the concrete should be roughened to prevent cattle from slipping.1

GEOTEX 801 is a polypropylene, staple fiber, needle-punched nonwoven geotextile produced by Propex, and will meet minimum average roll values. The fibers are needled to form a stable network that retains dimensional stability relative to each other. The geotextile is resistant to ultraviolet degradation and to biological and chemical environments normally found in soils. 2

GEOTEX 801 meets the requirements of the NRCS AL EQIP program for Heavy Use Area Protection – Code 561. It is available in 15-by-300 rolls and can by ordered at your local Quality Co-op. n


1Natural Resources Conservation Service, Watering Facility For Livestock, Alabama Job Sheet No. AL614

2Propex Geotex 801 product data sheet

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