January 2014
Product Spotlight

13% Pellets with Bovatec


This is the time of the year beef cattle producers will consider extra nutrient supplementation for their cattle herd. With cold days and nights ahead, the cow’s requirement for energy will increase to a level above what hay can provide. If you are trying to find an economically priced feed that will help you meet your cattle herd’s need, I would recommend 13% Pellet with Bovatec.

This feed is very comparable in cost to soyhulls and will provide a better nutrient profile for your cattle. This pellet will provide 3 percent more protein, a higher fat percentage for increased energy, minerals and vitamins for increased reproductive performance and improved immunity as well as Bovatec.

Bovatec will improve feed efficiency, increase weight gain and is a preventative for coccidiosis in your cattle herd.

This pellet also contains Mintrex and GHP2 for improved digestibility, improved feed quality and feed efficiency.

All of these benefits come in a form with better consistency and less separation of ingredients in the feed.

I would encourage you to consider this product over soyhulls or corn gluten as a very favorable alternative to supplementing your cow herd nutritional needs this winter.

If you have any questions concerning this product, please call me at 256-947-7886 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Jimmy Hughes is AFC’s animal nutritionist.