March 2010
Home Grown Tomatoes

March is Minty Green



When I think of March, I think of Spring. When I think of spring, I think of St. Patrick’s Day. When I think of St. Patrick’s Day, I think of green. When I think of green, I think of "MINT!"

Mint is a class of herbaceous plants in the Lamiaceae Family. Most of them are grown as perennials here in Alabama. Mints are considered by some folks to be invasive, but I say, "Let ‘em grow!"

I can’t think of many sights as pretty as a garden bed full of beautiful green mint after coming out of such a cold, cold winter. When you walk through the mint beds, they smell so fresh and clean. I’ve been in Winter way too long!

Get out there and buy some mints for your gardens at your local Quality Co-op or your independent retail nursery! The first shipments of Bonnie Plants mints should be in stock by March 17, St. Patrick’s Day.

Oh! Before I go, let me say congratulations to my good friend Andy Burris of Andy’s Creekside Nursery and Andy’s Farm Market of Vestavia Hills. He has just opened his new location in Hoover on John Hawkins Parkway. Andy has supported our Alabama farmers and nurserymen for many years by buying locally-grown products to put in his stores for you. I just spoke with him and he said our Alabama strawberries are delicious and bedding plants from are due in soon. Stop by and say hello to our friends there.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day and hold on for three more days until the Vernal Equinox! It’s gonna be a "GREEN Spring!"

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