January 2016
The Herb Lady

Lung Support

Recently, a distant Dalton relative paid me a visit. He was here to discuss genealogy. However, when he learned I am an herbalist, he was very impressed. We enjoyed both topics of conversation.

This young man had recently returned from a rather long stay in China. He told how Chinese Traditional Medicine is common practice there. But at the same time modern medicine is available to the people.

In my experience, Chinese remedies are very effective for whatever ailment they are recommended for.

Nell kept being constantly bothered by a bit of congestion in her chest and head. She had no temperature. This congestion hampered the activities of a very active woman.

Nell heard about a product referred to as simply Lung Support. She began to take it and gained almost immediate relief. Mucus was expelled. Her chest and sinuses were "opened up" and she began to breathe more freely. She continues to take this with only positive results.

Lung Support is a Chinese remedy containing an long list of herbs – most of which are "Greek" to me – Astragalus root, aster root, qingiiao root, platycodon root, anemarrhena rhizome, bupleurum root, lycium fruit, ophiopogon root tuber, ginseng root, tang-kuei root, atractylodes rhizome, blue citrus peel, citrus peel, schizandra fruit, typhonium rhizome and licorice root.

Research reveals that the origins of Chinese herbalism are unknown. However, it is thought to go back to 3400 B.C. (at least). We are blessed that much of their knowledge is shared with us.

Frankly, it is my opinion that the use of herbal remedies goes back to the Garden of Eden.

As usual, I advise you to check with your physician before taking herbal remedies.

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