April 2013
The Herb Lady

Lecithin for Shingles Suffers

Every day we learn something new. Sometimes we learn something which certainly should be shared. The words I’m about to write is definitely one of these "must be shared" situations.

I met Elsie Kane, Elberta, shortly after I wrote the column regarding the successful treating of my osteoporosis. Most of my readers know I did this by taking Bone-Up and horsetail.

Elsie also suffers from osteoporosis. She is now taking Bone-Up, horse tail and lecithin. She began taking lecithin in an effort to control the nerve pain in her legs. IT WORKED!! I have written about lecithin and its many health benefits before. Here I’ll only offer a quote from my herb library: "Lecithin builds the nerve sheath surrounding the nerves." This helps to control nerve pain.

Not long ago, Elsie paid me a visit. On this occasion she remarked, "I have had shingles." Here is her story.

In March of 2004, she developed shingles on her right side. (At the time she was under much stress due to her son’s involvement with the Iraq war.) For six weeks she felt as if nails were being driven into her side. After about six weeks, her rash healed, but her pain did not subside. At times she felt as though she was being stung by hundreds of fire ants.

After several years of suffering, she saw a pain management doctor. Prednisone was injected into the affected nerves. The pain subsided somewhat for only about a week. There were also negative side effects from the prednisone.

Next, she saw a dermatologist. This doctor prescribed pain medication which provided temporary relief along with a fear of addiction.

In June of 2012, Elsie began to take lecithin along with her Bone-Up and horsetail. She had heard lecithin might possibly help to relieve the nerve pain in her legs. Soon she saw positive results. Both her leg pain and her shingles pain were much improved. She tested this by not taking her lecithin for several weeks. The pain returned. After resuming the lecithin, her pain subsided.

Elsie told me, "Today I am pain free as long as I take lecithin. I am not on any prescribed medications. I’m just on natural products including multivitamins and lecithin. Nine years ago, I never dreamed I would ever be pain free."

Elsie hopes other sufferers will read this and benefit from her shared story. She and I are both aware there are many, many long-time shingles suffers.

To Elsie I extend my gratitude for sharing her story.

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