January 2014
The Herb Lady

Feed Your Fingernails

This column is about my fingernails. For some reason, I was born with a very poor excuse for fingernails. They were flimsy and paper thin. I’ve often compared them to onionskin paper, like was used for correspondence during WWII.

Many years ago, I heard that if I took gelatin it would improve the texture of my nails. I probably took a gallon of these capsules. Finally I realized they were not helping. I smoothed my torn ragged nails each night with a file. I carried a nail clipper in my uniform pocket (I was a nurse, you know) for quick nail repair.

Today my nails are so thick and strong I almost have to use a rasp to file them. To explain the improvement I’ll have to mention horsetail and Bone-Up. Most of my readers are aware these are the products I take for the control of osteoporosis. (I’m not going to bore you with that story again right now.) One day when I was out of horsetail I substituted a product called Herbal CA. It contains a mixture of herbs including horsetail; therefore, I knew it would serve my nutritional needs.

Horsetail is high in silica. It aids in the absorption of calcium if the two are taken together.

Time went by and I continued to take Herbal CA. Several months later I realized a marked improvement in my nails. There had been no other changes in my supplemental intake; I can only assume this product was responsible. I take one capsule twice daily (the same amount as I took of horsetail). My thick, strong nails require very little maintenance. They are never ragged and don’t develop hang nails. I don’t like long nails so they are filed about once weekly.

The texture of my hair has been improved along with my nails. When I was young, my hair had very good body. While taking oral cancer treatment this changed. For a while I feared I was going to be bald. Instead it just got thin and limp. I actually made this statement, "God gave me wonderful hair. I didn’t appreciate it properly, so He took it away from me." Guess what – He has given it back!

There was no other change in my diet or intake of supplemental nutrients; therefore, I have to assume I owe this improvement to taking Herbal CA instead of just plain horsetail.

Herbal CA contains alfalfa, marshmallow, plantain, horsetail, oatstraw, wheat grass and hops. They are all very good herbs. Each one, singly, provides us with nutritional benefits. Mixed together into a single capsule, they have certainly improved both my nails and my hair.

As always, I advise you to consult your physician before taking any herbal remedy.

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