April 2010
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Lloyd Travern grows organic herbs, succulents and begonias on his Peace Tree Farm in Kintnersville, PA.

The family of farmers and herb growers I meet along my life’s path continues to grow and flourish. Over the years, I have met many growers, some of whom specialize in one type of plant and others who are so diversified in the flora they produce it would take me a year’s worth of writing these little, short articles to tell you about all they grow.

If there’s one thing that stands out to me now when it comes to buying new plants for my edible gardens, it has to be "organically grown." Organically grown is not just a relative-term or catch-phrase, although there was at least one ‘big box’ department store that legally had some of the descriptions altered a few years ago, to better suit their needs in order to more easily fool the consuming public. There are rules set and enforced, but the bottom line is, the grower must be a good steward of the code of ethics of a true organic plant producer.

There’s only one nursery that comes to mind when I think of organically-grown herbs and that is Peace Tree Farm in Kintnersville, Penn. Lloyd and Candy Traven have built an outstanding reputation over the last 27 or so years as top quality, ethically-motivated organic plant producers. Their farm holds the USDA Organic Certification Seal regulated under the National Organic Program (NOP).

Peace Tree Farm is now the largest producer of organically-grown herbs in North America! They supply other growers with liners and plugs, as well as supplying retail nurseries with finished products ready for sale to the public.

Herbs and herbaceous perennials aren’t the only types of plants produced there. Lloyd also grows succulents and,. my favorite, begonias. In fact, Lloyd was a guest on the Martha Stewart Show a few weeks ago teaching Martha how to propagate begonias. To watch the video, Google: "Martha Stewart/Lloyd Traven." It’s the video labeled "Begonias" on the "Taste of South Africa" show.

For years now, I have heard so many folks say it’s too difficult or too expensive to produce herbs through the rules laid out for organic certification. Now when I hear that, I say, "It can be done!"

For more information about Lloyd and Candy Traven and Peace Tree Farm go to peacetreefarm.com.

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