September 2010
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God’s Help

As I was sitting on my porch drinking ice cold tea,
    The flies was crawling and biting me.
I went into the house and got the fly swatter.
    But, to them, it didn’t seem to bother.
I hit and hit at them flying all around.
    Thought I had some spray, but it couldn’t be found.
I knew God was there willing to accept;
    So, I asked God for His help.
I said, “God, I know You will come through;
    Because, every time I ask You, You always do.”
God reached out, got my hand and gave a big tug —
    Rub on your face and arms some Vapor Rub.
Well, you can believe this or not;
    But, there wasn’t another fly that I had to swat!
Thank you, God, for sitting me fly-free.
    Now, I can go back to enjoying my ice cold tea.