August 2009
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Master Gardener Intern Project Brightens Nursing Facility


Montgomery/Autauga County Class of 2009 Brings Cheer to Residents

Colorful Knockout roses, gerber daisies, hibiscus, mandevilla, lantanas, azaleas, and more perennial and annual plants now beautify the grounds of the Resurrection Life Center, a skilled nursing and assisted-living facility located on County Line Road in Autauga County.


From a casual conversation between Jane Martin, one of five Master Gardener interns from the Montgomery/Autauga County Class of 2009, and Ms. Wynn Wallace, Assisted Living Director of the residence, grew a project of deep satisfaction for the interns and a delight for residents and staff of the facility.


Three courtyard areas, which can be viewed by residents of the assisted-living portion of the facility and patients in the nursing home area, were in need of cheerful blooms. The plan was that plants were to be purchased by the staff of the facility and installed by the interns. In addition, a parent of one of the residents donated seven Encore Azaleas to be planted in one of the courtyards. Plants were chosen based on intern recommendations and the effect desired by staff members.

By the morning of May 11, the plants had arrived. Interns Jane Martin, Anthony Yarbrough, Millie Ledford, Mark Carmichael and Nancy Waggoner began work. Weeds were removed, holes were dug, compacted soil was amended with organic material, plants were set in place, timed-release fertilizer was broadcast and landscape cloth was installed over the major planted areas. Some plants were placed in containers and hanging baskets. Ten hours later, things were looking very different!

On May 16, the azaleas were planted. Residents and staff members enjoyed watching the work in progress. On June 15, a layer of pine straw mulch was laid over all the major planted areas. Recommendations for plant care were provided to the staff so the plants may be maintained and remain beautiful throughout the season.