November 2011
Farm Fresh Memories



It is Tuesday nearin’ full high noon in Flat Rock. There is a heavy dose of community and area Flat Rock folk congregatin’ ‘bout the old pot-bellied heater gatherin’ area. Additional, there’s a passel of store regulars — Slim, Essex, Ms, Ida, the Widow Cora, Farlow, Willerdean, "Truth," Estelle, Bro., S.R., J.R., "Hatch," Dustin and, the music man himself, Mr. Harley Hood.

There is a fine country-vittles aroma circulatin’ throughout the premises. Yep, it’s eatin’ day down at The Store.

The simple menu…

Joe’s oven-baked ham for sandwiches

Joyce’s country "tater" salad

Southern sweet tea and soft drinks


Joyce’s fresh-baked apple cake

In plentiful amounts for all to enjoy — pure fine eatin’

At this here point, "Truth" called for the line to form b’hind him. Bro. rakes the floor and offers up a Flat Rock General Store eatin’-day blessin’ on the vittles. Seems the country vittles aroma may be settlin’ over a growin’ area of Northwest Alabama. The UPS lady shows up on cue, as well as my friends Roland Gargis, Wilton Fortenberry, and Thomas and Tommy Murray. All move inside to find the vittles line.

As the vittles-consumption continues, the crowd turns quiet. Bro. takes the floor again and starts passin’ out flyers concernin’ the Countin’ Your Blessin’s Thanksgivin’ Supper down to the Baptist church always held on the Tuesday night shy of Thanksgivin’ so as to not interfere in any way with any other church Thanksgivin’ celebration or family gatherin’.

I finished constructin’ my ham sandwich, spooned on my side of "tater" salad, collected my sweet tea, moved t’ward Joyce sittin’ on a sack of layer mash and pulled me up a Pepsi Cola case alongside for sittin’ purposes.

Joyce handed me a copy of the Baptist church flyer Bro. was passin’ out. I scanned through it and turned it over. On the back, there was this three-word headin: "A Simple Prayer." Below was this short prayer I had actual written and read at a Bible study on prayin’ several years back. It reads like this…

When You Pray!!!

You need not bow or kneel to pray,
Nor must your prayer be a public display.
But let your prayer get you through each day.
When things are going your way
When your skies are dark and gray,
And never forget to "Thank God" as you pray
For the blessin’s of the day.
And always do this with a sincere, humble heart.


I finished off scannin’ the Thanksgivin’ flyer and redirected myself to my fine vittles. Most folk were already enjoyin’ the fresh apple cake. Estelle stepped center, howdied good-bye to The Store folk, and headed out to one of them two-hour cut-and-perms down to her hair factory, addin’ she was gonna finish off the beautifyin’ with some Hatton Hornet blue high-lightin’.

I wish for all a blessed time and plentiful good vittles at the comin’ holiday season.

Remember your heritage!!!
Always think good memories!!!

Joe Potter, Potter’s Mud Creek Farm is located at 5840 County Road 339 (County Line Road), Russellville, near "Our" Flat Rock, in Lawrence County; e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..