July 2011
Farm Fresh Memories


It was Tuesday, near two in the afternoon, and I was a headed t’ward town in my pickup. This here fellar on the radio noted the average person had 3,000 thoughts a day — hmm, 60-plus years, 24 hours per day, 365-plus days a year…cipherin’ was comin’ hard. Here, at the Flat Rock General Store, as I turned off my pickup radio, hurriedly my thoughts shot past 3,000 and was directed purely at my memory recollection of all my years in Hatton, Auburn and Flat Rock. Three, four, five thousand thoughts — pencilin’ ‘em all down… monumentally impossible. However, I did start a list that might possible just bring on 3,000-plus memory thoughts from some of you FFM’S readin’ folk.


Wore overalls?
Put your initials on your new six-foot cotton-pickin’ sack in purple pokeberry juice?
Used a water dipper or well bucket?
Had a workday lunch of potted meat and pork & beans in a wax paper-covered candy box with a Moon Pie and R.C. Cola for dessert?
Walked bare foot in a freshly-plowed field?
Hand-picked cotton in the mornin’ dew?
Smelled the summer rain in the distance?
Chopped cotton?
Talked on an eight-party phone line?
Walked to "the john" toilet with a flashlight, wondered why there was two-holers or noticed the

    "Sears and Roebuck" catalog started on page 57?
Cleared new ground?
Hauled hay bales in the summer heat?
Dusted chalkboard erasers at school?
Used a coal shuttle to bring in coal?
Recited the 51st or 100th Psalm?
Sung "Amazing Grace" at a country church?
Been to a sock hop?
Gone sparkin’, then parkin’?
Carved two sets of initials in a heart on the trunk of a tree…now one is not a part of me?
Blocked a punt, run back a fumble, hit a home run or scored 24 points?
Listened to 33, 45 and 78 vinyl music?
Built a livestock loadin’ chute or constructed cattle stakes?
Packed cotton on the wagon tight?
Operated a David Bradley chainsaw?
Hand milked…just squeeze and pull?
Scooped corn or chicken litter?
Rode a ground slide?
Been fishin’ with dough balls?
Shot quail from the point of old Sally with the J.C. Higgins 410 bolt action?
Used a wringer washer & hung ‘em out on the clothesline to dry?
Pulled planter markers?
Handled 100# cloth fertilizer sacks?
Marked off rows for the cotton insecticide duster?
Cooked out lard?
Gotten out of bed to see if the string was out on the back door latch?
Held a hen egg, warm and fresh, just brand new?
Used a manual weed-eater "sling blade" or cross-cut saw?
Drove a ’55 Dodge manual shift or the B John Deere with the hand clutch?
Birthed baby pigs, pink and warm, so very new?
Made barrows of the male piglets?
Crossed Town Creek on a swingin’ bridge?
Rode your horse to school?
Had fried "taters," pinto beans, corn bread and sweet milk as the supper fare with graham crackers

    for dessert?
Gone outside to hand turn the antenna to get better reception on one of the three regular T.V.

Played ball in a cow pasture?
Had a brand new 3020 John Deere Tractor and three pieces of equipment for $5,000, or
A new candy-apple red Ford Fairlane 500 for $2,400?
Drove a one-row I.H. cotton picker?
Welded on scrap iron…never nothing new?
Walked the fields and picked up arrowheads?
Attempted treatin’ folk fair and equal as you hoped they would do you?
Wanted to do better, be more successful?
Lost part of your heart?
Had multiple kidney stones???



Joe Potter, Potter’s Mud Creek Farm is located at 5840 County Road 339 (County Line Road), Russellville, near "Our" Flat Rock, in Lawrence County; e-mail: joepotter50@ msn.com.